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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Performance Plus 6-Speed Mixer

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Easy to use


Its fun to use and works well. Its a little hard to store to big for the drawer but makes up for it by being so easy to clean.


Otsego mi


This mixer is a winner on so many different levels!


The Hamilton Beach six speed mixer is reasonably priced and extremely effective for all your mixing needs! In the past, I have purchased the cheapest mixer I could find and I was never overly impressed with the performance. This time I purchased a mid range priced product and I can see a huge difference in ease of operation and in overall performance! Mixing Performance The Hamilton Beach six speed mixer is incredibly effective! I have used this mixer for absolutely everything and I have never been disappointed with the mixing performance. Ease of Cleaning This mixer is so easy to clean. You simply press the release button and the mixing utensils pop right off. The unit itself is also easy to wipe clean! Ease of Use The Hamilton Beach six speed mixer is very easy to use and I absolutely love the design of this mixer. I have carpal tunnel in my hands and have found that using some mixers actually caused my hands to become numb while holding the handle of the mixer. This is not the case with the Hamilton Beach brand. This mixer is ergonomic ally correct and so comfortable to hold! Durability I have not owned this mixer for that long so I can't say much in terms of it's durability for the long run! However the Hamilton Beach brand has a pretty solid and positive reputation and I have always been pleased with their kitchen appliances. This mixer appears to be sturdy and well built.




Kitchen helper


This mixer was my first appliance and it is still with me. The only promise that I found not really true is that the first speed is for mixing in. I think it's better to turn it off and premix flour first if you don't want to see a white cloud. Other than that it's a pure joy to use. The box-stand is nice but then it's high in closed position. I put it near cereals. It is not too noisy and is durable. I often beat eggs with it and it's still working fine.


Philadelphia, PA


I bought Hamilton Beach 62676 mixer for making cake batters..


i bought this mixer for making my cake batters and icings and was not willing to spend much for a stand mixer..this is a perfect mixer with different attachments and a snap on case..there is a wired attachment that makes whipping easy and an attachment for making shakes and coffes etc..the snap on case stores all attachment in it and makes it just so easy to store..also it has a hidden cord winding area at the bottom of the mixer...which hides all te wire wounded around it..itss just so ghood..no more wires hanging out of your shelves...it has these small curves which makes it sit on the bowls...so just rest in on the bowl and rotate the bowll...no more handling the mixer while beating for long time...i also suggest to switch it off and on more often while using it for long..to avoid any damage to the motor..it has a power booster switch too...which adds an erxtra speed to any speed you are using...i suggest it strongly for the dry ingrident mixing as the slowest setting is just perfect for it and no flour or sugar flies off here and there....this ias the best for making batters and stuff...


Santa Clara, CA


Hamilton Beach Performance Plus 6-Speed Mixer

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