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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu 5-Speed Blender

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WhenI was buying blender 5 years ago I did my research and that was a good deal back then. It is not that powerful as some of those on the market. However, it is not that noisy either. I mostly use it to blend shakes and smoothies. Not a big fan of ice so can't comment on that but blending fruits and milk is no problem for this guy. I mostly unplug when not in use so the blue light is still working after 5 years. It's better to undo the whole thing to clean it up. Which takes some time but manageable. The rubber ring stuck to the bottom part so I don't detach it but so far no leaking. Many blenders now have this wavy design, which was innovative back then. It is really working and fun to watch. I liked the idea of the hole in the lid, however it's not that easy to use without mess with regular food so I don't use it often. But I can see how you can add liquors to your drink like that. All in all, I am a happy customer. After 5years it is still working like it was supposed to. Design It has plastic base, rubber stoppers on the botom fall out long time ago so it slides easily now, would prefer more stylish option, but liked the blue light.


Philadelphia, PA


Hamilton Beach Liquid 5 Speed Blender is perfect for milkshakes


One of my families favorites is homemade milkshakes. I have made them for years, even when I was a little girl. All the other blenders that I have used seemed to leave clumps in the shakes or the ice cream would just sit on top of the blades and they would not do anything which was very frustrating to me. So for my birthday my husband bought me the Hamilton Beach Liquid 5 Speed Blender. It is truly one of the best birthday gifts I have ever gotten. This blender also includes the pluse. And I am not sure about everywhere else, but I also received a three year limited warranty on my blender. It can hold up to 48 ounces and is also dishwasher safe, which I love. It is light weight and very durable and in my opinion, can get any job done right. Also look beautiful on the counter.


Baxter, KY


Great for Summer Smoothies


As summer nears, thought of smoothies run through my head so I splurged and bought this **Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu 5 Speed Blender 59207** which is perfect for smoothies as well as blending your favorite ingredients. This blender has a large container to hold all of your ingredients and the lid goes on tight so no leaks as you blend. It has a few diffefrent settings and really blends in a fast amount of time. I use this to blend my frozen fruit and make smoothies that taste so delicious. If you need ice crushed, this is the perfect tool. The cup container is lightweight and easy to clean. The steel blades stay sharp and really work to blend all of the ingredients smoothly. It has a slightly loud sound, but it really works and doesn't take up a lot of room on your kitchen counter.


Las Vegas, NV


This blender is terrific


The Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu 5 Speed Blender 59207 will leave you speechless with just how good it is. This blender works great for smoothies. It chops up the ice nicely. I have put a half cup size piece of ice in it and it chops it up with no problems. The canister is thick glass and heavy duty. The blade mechanism will not rust. The neon blue light is a cool attribute and I really love it. The silver piece the canister screws into is plastic and I would not consider that too heavy duty. The pulse option is great with the ice. This is a very capable blender. I love the way that this blender is able to blend everything so quickly because it is much better than my previous blender. My previous blender would take forever to blend my ice and fruits properly and I would often times get frustrated by this and not want to use my old blender a lot. I would definitely recommend this blender to my friends and family members so that they can try this nice blender.


Fort Lauderdale, FL


Don't waste your money


I bought this blender for a small get together I was having at my home the day before I had it. I have never tried out something like this and have it not work so I didn't feel the need to test this one before the party. Turns out the next day when I had everyone at my house and I was trying to make them drinks.... this blender was a joke. I wasn't able to mix a single drink! It didn't chop the ice AT ALL, it wouldn't even barely mix the flavor with the alcohol! I would not recommend this blender to any of my friends and I am definitely going to call the maker / headquarters for this product. I was very dissatisfied and will be heading to the store to buy a different brand. I would recommend pampered chef.


San Antonio, TX


We love our Hamilton Beach blender


My husband and I bought this blender when I got pregnant. We thought that making smoothies would be a good way to get all of my vitamins because I would much rather drink my fruits and vegetables than eat them. This blender was perfect for this purpose. We never really put anything in it that would typically be difficult to blend or for the blades to cut up, and the only reason for this was not because we thought it might be a weaker blender, just that we picked the fruits that we preferred. It mixed everything really well. We were a little worried because of the price point that it would not work as well, but it definitely exceeded our expectations. We would tell a friend to buy the same one!


Stanton, CA


Average blender


I would rate the Hamilton Beach blender as an average blender model. It is able to blend well. I have blended everything from frozen fruit to ice with the blender, and it has the power to blend them all well. However, there have been a few times where I try to use the blender, and it just does not work! If I wait a few minutes and try again, then it seems to have power again, but I would not call the Hamilton Beach blender a reliable machine. I also find that my Hamilton Beach blender is loud and shaky while I am using it. The Hamilton Beach blender is very reasonably priced, which is why I bought it in the first place. I would use it for a beginning cook, or maybe a college student that just wants something cheap and simple.


Clearwater Beach, FL


This blender is awesome!


So I am a recent college graduate and money is somewhat tight for me. I bought this blender for a discounted price at my local department store. I thought it would be awful at the low price I got it for but this blender does it's job. It is a tad weak compared to the other blenders I've owned but I'm not trying to grind meat or ice (although, I don't think there would be any problem); I just make smoothies. My favorite is banana and strawberry. It is relatively quiet and easy to use. It also grinds quick! I've had it for several months now and I don't have anything negative to say about it. I'm pretty satisfied with my purchased and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that doesn't already have a blender.


Staten Island, NY


Its just okay.


I bought this after I broke our other blender by making too many smoothies (frozen fruit). It worked well the first THREE times but aside from that its just been blah. Its easy to clean, ok. Its easy to use, eh...I'm just not thrilled. I wish I would have done some more research...that I would have known more people...and well, that I possibly spent a bit more money to buy a nicer blender. If this is something you'll use just a few times, okay grab it. But if you're going to use this on a bunch of different things on a daily/weekly routine. Please don't buy this. Take a deep breath, look deeper into your pocket and spend some money to make yourself really happy. I've heard great things about Blend Tech and Vita mix? Anyways, spend the money elsewhere unless this is like a every so often thing.


Hampton, VA


Hamilton beach blender is good


I got this blender from my boyfriend for christmas. I wanted a blender that would make really great smoothies. I was trying to eat healthier and I thought a blender would be a good way to go to make healthy drinks. It behaves just like any other blender though. I have to make sure to layer things according to their ability to break down easy. Liquid, yogurt, fruit, and ice last. If I put the ice in first, it is a real challange to be able to get it to blend smoothly. It is a well put together belender though. The buttons are easy to use and it is very easy to take apart and clean. I love the look of it, it looks sleek and nice sitting in my kitchen. I wish it were a little less expensive, but because I didn't have to buy it, it wasn't that big of a deal.


Battle Creek, MI


Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu 5-Speed Blender

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