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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver

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Works pretty well but isn't necessary


A few years ago I was on a big kick for snow cone/slushie type drinks.  After burning out my regular blender by crushing ice I purchased this Hamilton Beach ice shaver.  It works well and definitely products a very nice finely s haved ice.  It is easy to use and not hard to figure out.  It works pretty quickly, and cleanup of the appliance is very minimal.  It is, however, a fad buy.  I have hardly used it at all in the past year or so, and it is basically taking up room in my kitchen cupboard.  The construction of it is pretty good, and the price was fair.  I don't think its shaved ice could be duplicated by a blender, so if you will always be needing shaved ice, it is a worthwhile purchase.  However, if you are only going to occasionally shave ice, it is probably not worth purchasing.  The product itself works well, though, so I would recommend it to someone if they had a definite need for this kind of product

Lagrange, OH


Hamilton Beach Ice shaver is fun but has a few minor issues


Santa brought the Hamilton Beach Ice shaver to our house a few years ago for Christmas and the whole family was thrilled! We used it quite often when we first got it, it's fun to get to make your own snow cone or slushie right in your own home! It has some nice features to it like that you have two options on how you wan to crush your ice: slushie or snow cone, the snow cone option giving your a finer ice. This can also be used for any kind of icy drink, marguaritas or whatever you like. The machine is very noisy which can get a little irritating. WE use crushed ice from our freezer also so it does not take as long in the machine as cubes would. All removeable parts are dishwasher safe which is nice! We did have ours stop working after about 6 months but Hamilton Beach replaced the unit with no problems and have had no problems since then. WE have a lot of fun with this machine and  would replace it but hopefully they have a less noisy model out!



Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver

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