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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach HomeBaker Breadmaker

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This is an okay bread maker.


I have mixed feelings towards this bread maker. It has its pros and its cons, and I really would say it has more pros than cons. It always baked the best bread up until it ended up breaking after using it for years. I would probably recommend this bread maker for someone else to try using. Stability While in Use This is another complaint I have about this bread machine. The machine always vibrated and shook a lot while in use. Most machines do, but this one was more so than the others I have owned. Performance Up until the machine ended up breaking, it worked exactly how it should. Any type of bread that I made using it always came out perfectly. The inside was soft and very chewy while the exterior was crunchy and browned to perfection. Ease of Use The instructions that came with this bread maker were so easy to follow, and it even included some recipes that were very simple to make. Durability I owned this bread machine for three years before it ended up not working anymore. That is not so bad in my opinion, so I would definitely consider it somewhat durable.



Great maching without costing a fortune


My wife and I have used the Hamilton Beach Homebaker Breadmaker for a couple years now and we love it. It's zero fuss, easy to use, and even easier to clean. This has cut our weekly bread making time significantly and I'm so much happier now that I can spend time with my family instead of in the kitchen. Stability While in Use This is a very nice machine, however I do have to check on it after the mixing/kneading process to make sure that it isn't about to fall off the counter. The whole thing will shift significantly after each kneading. It would be nice to not have to worry about it at all, but I'm still very happy with the product. I just wish it would stay put! Performance We get perfect bread every time! It's soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. Not once in the couple years we've used this machine have we received anything less than a perfect loaf of bread. Ease of Use This is almost too easy to use. The instruction manual makes everything very simple and I've not once doubted what I was doing. Durability Two years in and not a scratch. This thing makes bread every week and has shown no signs of breaking down.



Hamilton Beach HomeBaker Breadmaker

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