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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Fresh Chop 3-Cup Food Chopper


Whether you're making cakes, pies, salads, or sides, this Hamilton Beach food chopper makes it easy to chop up to 3 cups of onions, garlic, carrots, celery, nuts and much more. It's even perfect for smoothies just whirl frozen fruit and yogurt together and, in a few seconds, it's done. Use high speed for fine chopping and low speed for coarse chopping. Why bother with a food processor? The 72600 FreshChop is compact, simple to use, and does the job with no fuss. It puts the pleasure back into food preparation.

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Decent chopper, not outstanding


This chopper works well if you only have a small amount of something, but to chop a large onion, for example, it's a little small (you'll need to cut the onion into pieces and do each piece separately). Even though the container holds 3 cups, large amounts of food seem to push their way up the sides out of reach of the blades. The power is good, and it handles hard foods like carrots well. Use caution in handling the blade; I cut myself badly with it in the sink when I was washing dishes right after I got it. Safety If the bowl and lid are not securely and properly locked onto the base, it will not turn on. Ease of Cleaning As mentioned above, use caution in handling the blade.



Great little food processor!


This is a perfect little food processor! We don't have the need for one very often, but when we do, this gets the job done. When my daughter was little we made some baby food with it. Now we use it for basic chopping & kitchen prep. Safety features of locking in place are great, especially when the kids want to help! It's easy to clean and great for the price. A little noisy, but not really a big deal. Ease of Cleaning love anything dishwasher safe!

Appleton, WI


Perfect for me


This little machine is great for a small two-person household like mine. It is compact, easy to store, easy to use and definitely easy to clean. A great bargain for the price. It can hold up to three cups and has the measurements marked on the side of the container which is a great help to me. It has a high and a low speed and the instructions say that it chops and minces. It does chop really well, but it takes a little getting used to to get it to successfully mince. You cannot fill the container too full with the items to be minced as by the time the blade reaches the upper layers, the bottom layers are a fine flour consistency. BUT, for everyday small chopping needs, I love it as it is much easier than hauling out the big food processer and selecting the blades, etc. This product is dishwasher safe and mine spends a lot of time in there as I use it so much. It will never replace a real food processer, but for smaller quick jobs it is great and reasonably priced. Power Still love this for small jobs Ease of Cleaning Dishwasher safe

Sacramento, CA


Perfect for making baby food


My husband and I received this little food processor as a wedding gift. I thought it was a cute little gadget, but really didn't think we would use it very often. However, after our first son was old enough to start eating solid food, I discovered that the Hamilton Beach Fresh Chop is the ideal tool to quickly make homemade baby food. I can take fresh fruits and vegetables or even dinner leftovers and puree them into food that is tastier, fresher and MUCH less expensive than store bought baby food. I had tried using my blender, but it was so hard to get the pureed food out, and then it was a pain to clean up. This food processor is the perfect size, easy to empty, and super easy to clean. I love it!

Layton, UT


Must-have! I use this almost every day!


The first thing you should know about me is that I HATE mincing onions. That's really all you need to know about me for this review, actually. I dislike mincing anything really, but onions make me cry and that is SO not okay. This little handy-dandy processor has made my life so much easier. You see, onions and garlic are really essential for making flavorful foods. So now I enjoy all the flavor with none of the tears. I use this nearly every day-- I put it in the dishwasher about once a week and the rest of the time I rinse it with water and let it dry out on my dish rack. I mainly use this for chopping onions and garlic, but it's also handy for: Mincing fresh herbs Making pesto Making salsa (yum!) Chopping nuts Making tartar sauce Making salad dressing I'm sure there are lots of other uses for it but these are the main uses I have for it! I highly recommend you get one for your kitchen! I got mine as a wedding gift and it is by far my most-used kitchen appliance. Yes, more than my microwave!  

Mansfield, TX


For your little jobs in the kitchen use Hamilton Beach chopper!


This chopper yes only holds three cups, but is perfect for little jobs of your weekly night cooking.  For your bigger meals on the weekends yes it is a little small.  I do love this mini chopper.  It chops up onions without any tears from me.  Also crushes graham crackers wth ease.  There are so many ingredients that can be crushed up.  This Hamilton Beach chopper is white in color.  This machine is very easy to operate.  Just put in your ingredients into the plastic cup, turn it onto the base and place the lid on and start chopping.  This chopper is also good for chopping up those nuts.  I know I didn't like trying to chop the nuts by hand.  This handy little Hamilton Beach chopper will save you more time with your family.  In today's world we are all busy with our kids, work, and family us cooks out there need a gadget that doesn't take up to much space on our counter. This chopper will get the job done as well as those bigger ones.  Cleanup for this little chopper is easy.  Just scrub the plastic cup and lid and the blade and you are all done.  If you want your job done fast , I would suggest this little cute mini chopper called Hamilton Beach. 

Milford, OH


Great for the Price


This is a very basic, no frills food processor. It doesn't hold a lot, so don't expect it to whip up huge quantities. But for my needs, it's perfect! I use it mainly to make hummus and baby food. It purees everything perfectly with no issues. It has two settings, low and high. It only turns on if the base & lid are locked into place, which is a nice feature. It is rather noisy, but I don't have any other food processor to compare it to so I am assuming this is normal. I love that the cord has a storage area underneath the unit to wrap it up - no messy cord lying around when not in use! It's easy to clean - I just pop it in the top rack of the dishwasher, and wipe down the base (if necessary) with a towel. If you are looking for a basic food processor and don't need to make huge quantities at a time, then this will do the job just fine. If you are looking for something larger or with more features, then you will have to spend more for an upgraded model. But for me, this is perfect!

Naples, FL


Hamilton Beach Food Processor doesn't work like it's supposed to


The **Hamilton Beach 72610 3 Cups Food Processor** is used a lot by us. It doesn't chop up the food around the edges. I have to stir the food particles in the middle of the cycle to keep chopping. It is also supposed to be a processor that that will not work unless the lid is locked into place; ours starts up any time. I bumped the button a few times when loading the food in, and it started spinning before the lid was locked. Safety wise, that is a concern. We do use this product at least every other day. I've ground meat, vegetables, fruits and breads. With the fruits and vegetables I do need to add some water for them to get chopped. I used this chopper to make baby food. I would run the food through this chopper; then follow up with a food mill to get it really fine. This product make perfect bread crumbs. It also grinds up meat well. I am not so sure I would recommend this product to a friend, but I do think everyone should have a mini processor in their kitchen. They are very handy!

Omaha, NE


Hamilton Beach Fresh Chop 3-Cup Food Chopper

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