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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Four Square Belgian Waffle Maker


26050Y Features: -Waffle maker.-Non stick grids.-Power and preheat lights.-Compact, upright storage.-Versatile and delicious.-Easy to clean. Dimensions: -Overall dimensions: 5.9'' H x 14.6'' W x 13.2'' D.

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Adventurous for a beginner


I got waffle maker when I was getting really, really good at making the batter at the correct consistency and feeling confident that I could pull off getting a different type of waffle maker, one that was somewhat forgiving. Performance This unit worked great every time I used it. I never experienced any issues with it. I did find that the batter had to be of a much thicker consistency or it will run over the sides. Once I perfected this aspect of waffle making and cooking, the rest was history. Settings/Features Really simple approach to making waffle using this until. The settings are easy, as you have total control over it. Ease of Cleaning Super easy to clean this unit, I just use plain soapy, warm water and it works like a charm. Ease of Use Very easy to use this product. I love the simplicity of this unit. It does not take rocket science to figure out hope to manage this unit. Durability It held up for me for a long period of time. I am quite pleased with this unit.



great for waffle mass production


I received my Proctor Silex Belgian Waffle Maker (Family Size) as a reward for completing (many, many) surveys online.  I've had it for 5 years or longer and I love it!  The large capacity (4 squares of waffle made at a time) is its best feature, since I like to triple an average waffle recipe and freeze the extras (waffles keep frozen for a long time and are so easy to take out and reheat for a quick and filling breakfast). I rarely oil the waffle grids - their nonstick coating has served me well for all but one or two recipes of waffle batter (they probably didn't have enough oil in them).  I just plug in the machine, wait for the green light to indicate that it is preheated and ready to go, pour on the batter (usually a cup at a time will mostly fill out the grids without spilling out), close the top, and wait for the green light to come back on.  The light is a trusty guide for waffle doneness - just be aware that the first few waffles take longer than the last few, when the machine is hotter.

Charlotte, NC


Hamilton Beach Four Square Belgian Waffle Maker

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