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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serve Coffee Maker 49995

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Sad. Not worth the money


Had it for a while now, however I just opened it back in January when we moved into our house. It is now August and it is no longer working. This is the fastest coffee maker quit time I've ever had. The water just runs over and keeps heating. It won't even fill half a cup jow. I thought maybe it just needed a good clean and upon turning it over to do so, I realized it was refurbished. I cleaned it out still and it won't work. Won't buy this brand any more. Which is ridiculous considerING I used to love this brand



My Overall Favorite Coffemaker


Since I am the only regular coffee drinker in my home, I was on the lookout for a single-serve coffee maker when I came across the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serve Coffee Maker. There were several factors that made me decide to purchase this particular product. Aside from the single serve was the fact that it's compatible with not only loose coffee grounds, but also k-cups and soft pods. This made it comparable to the more expensive machines at a fraction of the price - which, if I'm honest, was probably the deciding factor for me, though I was already leaning towards its purchase because of the other said features. It has been three years since I made this purchase and I haven't had one regret. Not only do I use it for my daily cup of coffee, my husband and child also use it for their tea and hot chocolate. It has gotten plenty of use over the years for sure, and it has not once under performed. If there was any "con" to this coffee maker, I would have to say that it's the handle on the front that you have to press down in order to pierce the foil on top of the k-cups, but I would say that's more human error and forgetfulness than an actual design flaw. Overall, I'm very impressed with this coffee maker and, should the day come that I will need a replacement, I will definitely be buying another Hamilton Beach.

Oakboro, NC


Great Alternative to Kuerig


Bought this because I have always wanted a Keurig but can't justify the price since I don't drink coffee. I love hot chocolate, and would like the convenience for company that drinks coffee. So when I came across the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew on sale and with a discount coupon, I knew I had to try it. And so far, so good. I have not used the part of the machine where you use coffee grinds yet, but likely will eventually, and I think it will do just fine. Love that I can get k-cups for this in tea or hot chocolate, and they come out great every time! Super easy to use, easy clean, and easy to store. The controls are simple and not complicated. Switching between the modes is also uncomplicated. It brews the k-cups really quickly, and the temperature is perfect. I don't understand the complaints that it is too hot. Ummm, it's a coffee maker. It's suppose to be HOT! I really have no complaints about this maker. It's a great alternative to it's over-priced alternatives. It's not too big, and it brews rather quietly, and doesn't make a big mess. I definitely recommend getting one.



Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serve Coffee Maker 49995

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