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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker


Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker. You can't visit your favorite European cafe every weekend. But when the aroma of this espresso maker's rich, cafe-quality espresso reaches your nose, you just might be able to pretend. It makes excellent cappuccino, too.

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Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker 40715


The Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker 40715 makes really delicious espresso at home. It is very easy to use and clean up. This is very nice for when you are entertaining guests. It is so easy to make espresso to serve after dinner. It is less expensive than going out to a coffee house. My son really loves this espresso maker and uses it all the time. It is a very good value and Iwould really recomend this to anyone who wanted an affordable espresso machine to use at home. We havent had any problems with this coffee maker, it always makes a perfect cup of espresso. A very attractive design that looks nice on the countertop. Brew Performance Perfect everytime. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean. Ease of Use Easy to use. Design Good design, very functional and attractive. Durability So far very durable machine.

Silver City, NM


Sounds better than it performs


I was really hoping for more out of this espresso maker, but I was sadly disappointed. The price is decent, but the quality is not. I can't even say that this makes espresso as it doesn't even taste the same. I like a lot of features of it, which is why I bought it, but it wasn't what I had hoped for. Brew Performance Easy to brew. Comes with a booklet that tells you what all the parts are used for and has directions showing how to make espresso, latte, iced drinks, and cappuccino. Ease of Cleaning Very hard to clean the froth nozzle and cover. Seems like once you use it, it is almost impossible to get it completely clean, but it doesn't clog. Other parts can be hand washed. Ease of Use Very easy to use if you read the booklet that comes with it. Without instructions, it would be really hard to figure it out if you're not familiar with espresso makers. Design This ironically has a really great design. It has accessories for brewing 2 cups or just one as well as having a removable water reservoir, cup rest, and drip tray. It has temperature selection for frothing or steaming and it has a steam control dial.

Massillon, OH


Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker

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