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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Ensemble 20-Cup Rice Cooker

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wanted to love it


This rice cooker i bought because of the large size but for some reason the rice never felt completely cooked so I would add more water and it would still be the same. returned it for a new one, which worked better but still not amazing, Not sure why because i hear it has great reviews. I also wish there were more settings on it since this size is great for cooking for larger quantities. Oh well, keeping it, but just some things to look out for!



You get what you pay for.


At first this was a great item. When I bought it my hubby told me that using a rice cooker wasn't real cooking but after I used it he was quite impressed. Unfortunately, it didn't last. Luckily I had the protection plan on this item because exactly 30 days after purchasing it burned out on me while I was in the middle of cooking. Performance Performed well until it burned out.

Miami, FL


Love it


I got Hamilton beach rice cooker but its not this model. I have digital simplicity Rice Cooker and Food steamer. I got it from best buy and I love it love it love it. Its a perfect for the family. I can cook rice as well as grains which is one of the coolest features of it. It has the non stick pan which ia the another factor I admire. Recently I added more water and the rice got stuck but it was breeze to clean it. I never expected to be so simple. I had used aroma before but this is much better. There are another cool features to it like delay start, boil simmer, warm off. I did a lot of research before buying this. but I am satisfied with it. I havent tried cooking brown rice but I an sure it must be doable. Its a little expensive but its worth the money. I can make soups in it. Its pretty cool and I will highly recommend it. Its pretty easy to clean. It also comes with a removable lid liner can be washed in a dish washer. it comes with rice paddle, plastic rice measurements, ladle.

Lacey, WA


Helpful, Handy Hamilton Beach 20 Cup Rice Cooker


We received this as a gift and could not rave about it enough.  My husband and I are avid sushi makers and this rice cooker has saved my sanity (I am the primary rice maker).  We also have a very long commute, which means little time in the evenings to make and eat dinner with our two young children.  Thanks to the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker's steamer capabilities, we can do two dishes in one, which saves not only a significant amount of time and energy, but also the amount of dishes.  The rice cooker is also very easy to assemble, clean and store.  We put the spoon and measuring cup inside the cooker when we are not using it.  Thus far, we have not encountered anything negative about it.  I have only seen it in the one color, but I like the red, so that is not a draw back for me.

Mesa, AZ


This rice cooker is a wonderful addition to my kitchen!


My old rice cooker/steamer broke, and I was sure I wouldn't find anything nearly as good to replace it. I was wrong! The Hamilton Beach ensemble has been fantastic! Pros: The non-stick surface is perfect. It is dishwasher safe, but it is so easy to hand wash that I just do it that way. Sticky rice residue doesn't bother me anymore. The rice comes out perfect every time. I never have to check it. It automatically switches to "warm" when the rice is done, and I don't have to worry about it being overdone if the rest of the meal isn't done. The steamer basket makes it easy to cook rice and a veggie at the same time. It comes with a rice paddle, perfect for serving rice. Why had I never heard of these before?! It is red and looks nice on my counter. :) Con: The steamer basket is a bit small for our family of 6. To cook broccoli, I have to really pack it in there. It cooks up beautifully, but I would just like a larger steamer basket. If you are looking for a dependable rice cooker that can serve double duty as a steamer, you can't go wrong with this model.      

Hilton, NY


Hamilton Beach Ensemble 20-Cup Rice Cooker

3.8 5