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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

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As good as similar brands


This is the only deep fryer I have ever owned so I cannot recommend it as a better (or worse) fryer than others on the market but i can comment as to its usefulness in the kitchen. i think the biggest thing you might have to consider if you are considering buying this product is whther or not you will truly use it enough to make it worth your while. nowadays it seems it is easier to grab fries or fried chicken at one of the seemingly millions of fast food restaurants. If you are going to use it enough to warrant the purchase is a big question mark, especially when you consider how unhealthy fried food often is. price of the product, price of the oil to fill it, price of the items you actually want to fry and will it get enough use to warrant the space it takes up in your kitchen are a few of the questions i would suggest you ask yourself before buying any deep fryer, and then if you go for it, I have had no problems at all with this fryer, it's been great!


Amarillo, TX


White Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer


I received this deep fryer when I got divorced in 2004 for a house warming present.  I loved it when I first got it and was so happy to have one.  The first few times I used it, it was ok.  It was very hot to touch most of the top area and when you lifted the lid, water/condinsation/steam always dripped everywhere and always had to go thru so many paper towels to wipe it off so it would not get down on the other parts of the fryer to be safe.  Didn't know if the water would have got down to the cord or something that it would have caused something bad to happen.  Also when the water dripped and got into the oil it starts to splatter everywhere and got burned a few times and really hurt and have a few scares from it.  I did hate the fact that it does not have a removable tray to dump the oil out so it is very hard to get the oil out and clean it as well as it should be cleaned.  If it did not drip water, was a lot bigger or deeper and had a removable tray to clean out and get the oil out I think I would like it a lot better and would use it more than 4 times a year.


Dallas, TX


Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer


I receive this Hamilton Beach deep fryer as a gift being I have been getting interested in fried foods at home.  I really enjoy this fryer a lot. It is built very well. Very easy to operate too. It heats up nicely and even has a timer. Just a note, the timer dosn't turn off the fryer when done, which isn't a problem with me at all. The only thing I see is that the battery for the timer appears to be in-cased and cant replace if it goes out, but it really seems to be working perfectly.  This fryer is not only easy to set up and use, but cleaning was a major concern to me before getting any fryer. This thing is very easy to disassemble and clean. Nice deep basket. I had little problem with my chicken sticking to the bottom of the basket after I pulled a batch, but this has nothing to do with the fryer, its just learning the technique.  The basket for this one is very easy to clean and pretty deep so you can get a decent load of food per batch. I love this deep fryer and would recommend to anyone. 


Fort Mill, SC


Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

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