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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch Deep Fryer

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Easy to work


Great product, cool to the touch, makes a lot of chicken and pickles, couldn't of asked for a better fryer. Easy to work and light to pick up your fried foods.

Toms River, NJ


Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch 3520 Deep Fryer, favorite kitchen item


I got the Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch 35020 Deep Fryer from a survey sight for the points I earned so I have no idea what the cost of this item is. I have had the fryer for 2 years and just love it. I can fry enough for 2 people at one time. The heat up time is minimal. It has a good base so there is no chance of it tipping over. The lid latches very securely and the outer parts are all plastic so there is no chance of getting burned by touching it while it is on. The oil lasts for a long time because once you are done using it, you latch the lid and it seals the unit so the oil stays fresh. You do have to be careful with the handle that lifts the basket though, as it doesn's clip on but rather just sits in place. I have had the basket fall inside when I lifted the handle to an upright position and spill what I was frying a few times but with no mishaps.  The inside comes out and can be easily cleaned with soap and water and the outside cleans up easily with a wet sponge and dish soap. The cord does not clip on but rather has a magnetic attachment so if it is pulled it comes right off without pulling the fryer over or chancing any type of electrocution. I have also used this for making boiled dinners, stews and soups but it only holds enough for 2 or 3 people. There is a temperature control on it so you can turn the fryer up or down in accordance with the use. It is one of the best kitchen small appliances I own. I would highly recommend this product for your kitchen and remember it has many more uses than just a deep fryer.

Chaffee, NY


Not the best Deep Fryer ever


My mother-in-law gave this to us as a gift a few years ago and we thought it'd be really great. We've really come to hate this deep fryer. Whereas it's a nice size and does meals for 2 just perfectly it's bulky and hard to clean. It doesn't come apart very well and trying to get hinges clean as well as the various parts near or around the heating element clean is difficult at best. We tried so many little brushes, special cloths, etc... and really couldn't get it clean to a point where either of us felt very comfortable eating food that we cooked in the fryer anymore. It was more than a little upsetting as this was an appliance my husband really wanted for making homemade potato chips but when you are scared to eat out of it because of cleanliness, it's a real problem.

Pottsville, PA


The Best - by the Best


I'm not much of a fryer - what with the excessive fat content of most food and my thighs, like I need to eat lard? Anyway, I love this fryer when I use it which is less often than I'd like to, but I digress. Unless you are really, really clumsy it's almost impossible to get burned thanks to its wonderful cool touch feature (unless you are my Aunt Adelaine who actually thought that 'cool touch' somehow meant even the grease didn't get hot? Luckily, no limbs were lost and the fries turned out actually quite tasty). What I really, REALLY love though is the lid that snaps down on it when you are frying something, not only keeps it from escaping but it keeps the kitchen from getting that gnarly stank (cmon girls, you know what I mean). Choose a good, quality oil and you can simply store it in the fryer (I like that too). And the little basket is nice, but I think most fryers come with those. An overall grand fryer at a spicy little price. 

Decatur, IL


Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch Deep Fryer

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