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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Convection 6-Slice/Broiler Toaster Oven

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Hamilton Beach 6 slice toaster oven


This is the most convenient thing to use when you need to cook but do not want to turn on your big oven and heat the whole house. It emits way less heat and cooks a lot faster in my opinion. It is very big too, you can fit a small frozen pizza in here very easily. This is a very versatile toaster oven. The stuff you can cook in here is endless. My favorite thing to use this for is the broiler. I like having melted, slightly browned cheese on my sandwiches. I put my sandwich, minus the top piece of bread, in here under the broiler and in just minutes it's ready to eat. Toasting Evenness I do not use this for toast that often, I do more bagels in here than anything. Everything I have ever toasted though has browned very nicely and evenly. Even Heating Everything I cook in it comes out perfect so very even heating. Safety Some heat will be emitted but as long as you don't stick bare hands in it, it is very safe. Safety The outside will get warm and of course you need to use a mitt or tongs to remove your food as the trays inside will be extremely hot. Ease of Cleaning Trays, including the crumb tray, slide right out making clean up super easy. Ease of Cleaning Trays slide right out for easy cleaning. Durability Appears to be made of good quality durable materials. Durability Very durable! Design It is big so storing is a bit of a problem. Design This is a larger toaster oven as it can fit a lot of food in it. It is a bit bulky but if you have the counter space for it it does look very nice sitting out.




Great for poptarts


Our college dormitory had one of these toaster ovens in the kitchen, and we would use it for warming up and cooking different kinds of food. Mainly we used it for poptarts and smaller pizzas. A friend and I tried chocolate chip cookies in it once, but they came out kind of weird. Even Heating The poptarts came out nice and evenly toasted. They were just a little bit crispy on the outside and warmed on the inside. The pizza didn't always work so well. The cheese would be very melted and the outside would be pretty hot, but the middle (especially down in the crust) would still be kind of cold. Safety It is very easy to put food in and remove it without accidentally touching the heating elements, so I never received any burns while using this product. Ease of Cleaning The rack and bottom tray came out easily, so they could be washed outside the oven. But splatters that landed on the sides or top of the inside were quite difficult to remove.




Hamilton Beach Convection 6-Slice/Broiler Toaster Oven

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