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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Brewstation 12 Cup Coffeemaker 48465


Coffee stays fresher longer. No hot plate to scorch coffee flavor. Versatile brewing; choose from bold, regular, iced coffee, or small batch options. 1 hand dispensing. Adjustable automatic shutoff. Programmable clock/timer. Insulated tank helps prevent heat and flavor from escaping to keep coffee fresh. 12 cup. Black and silver.

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I would buy it again


Use it every day for at least 4 pots of coffee. Stays nice and hot. Coffee always tastes great. It's a bit hard to clean the little screen inside of the coffee keeper.

Maine, usa


Great Coffeemaker


I received the Hamilton Beach Brewstation 12 Cup Coffeemaker as a wedding present a little over 2 years ago. My husband and I are big basic black coffee drinkers, and this has worked great for us. We love how there is no pouring carafe so we don't have to worry about waiting for the coffee to finish brewing. We like the self timer as well. This coffee maker works as well as when we first received it and I would definitely recommend it. Brew Performance This coffeemaker brews about the same as every other coffeemaker I have used. Ease of Cleaning It is pretty easy to clean. The inner carraffe has quite a few nooks and crannies that need to be minded, but otherwise very simple. Ease of Use This coffee maker is very straight forward to use, but it sometimes is annoying to juggle the different parts when getting the coffee together. The self setting feature is really great, especially on morning when my husband or I know we will be up very early so it is one less thing to worry about. Design It is a generally good enough design, but when you press the button to dispense the coffee, it is difficult to see inside the cup, especially with a travel mug so you have to be careful to pay attention as to not over fill it. Durability I have owned this coffee make over 2 years and have probably used it at least 500 times and have had no issues yet.



Hamilton Beach Brew Station 12 Cup Coffeemaker


I went through a period in my life where it seemed I was breaking more glass coffee carafes than my husband could replace. He came home one day with the Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Brewmaster coffee maker. In the beginning, I was very pleased with this style of coffeemaker. The water reservoir was easy to fill with cold water. The coffee grounds basket was easy to use and did not require the paper disposable filter, although you could use one if you wished. The brewed coffee was dispensed into a plastic tub inside the coffee maker and kept at a reasonable temperature, although at times I found the coffee was not kept hot enough. I did not like the automatic two hour shut off on the warming part. I was used to having my coffee kept hot well after two hours as I drink it throughout the morning. The plastic carafe did stain from the brewed coffee and would not come clean. It was easy to program. I had a little trouble using the dispensing lever to get a cup of coffee out. Some coffee cups fit better than others under the lever. Sometimes when I pushed the lever with the side of my coffee cup, the coffee pot would move even though it was a large base unit. This coffee maker did not have the length of durability of some other coffee makers I have used. I had to replace it sooner than I had to replace other coffee makers.

Hermiston, OR


Hamilton Beach Brewstation 12 Cup Coffeemaker 48465

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