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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach BrewStation Select Drip Coffee Maker

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I will buy another when this one stops working


Husband bought it for me as christmas present and i love it. I use everyday before work and sometimes at night

Moody, Alabama


Love, Love, Love the Brew Stations!


We purchased this model after on other BrewStation, of nearly 10 years, sprang a leak in the dispenser hole (we simply wore it out from overuse!). We love the push to fill cup dispenser button! The coffee is brewed in 2-3 minutes and we choose bold or normal, great option for different tastes. The removable canister for filling is so convenient and less mess than pouring from a carafe.Highly recommend this model!

Wallace, WV


This coffee maker is a convienent, mess free, box of awesome.


My house runs coffee literally around the clock, so we need a great coffee maker. this one is very mess free and easy to use, it has a removable tank to make getting water spill free and multiple functions like iced coffee, etc. Ease of Use A nice feature is that you can time set it up; also it brews very quickly, our old one took about fifteen minutes to brew a pot of coffee while this one takes about five minutes. you can make it bolder or less with a setting, it can double brew coffee. Sometimes the stronger the better when you need a good wake up or you just have a crack coffee addiction. you can also choose how long it stays hot. Design my only dislike is that it's just a little short for my to go container. and i like big cups of coffee so sometimes the glasses i use are a bit too tall also. but that can be worked around. nothing is perfect to one person. though i like that it isn't too big as much as it can do.



Hamilton Beach BrewStation Select Drip Coffee Maker

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