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Hamilton Beach
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Hamilton Beach BrewStation 12-Cup Coffee Maker

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Makes good Coffee


This coffee maker does a great job making coffee. Brew Performance I love the taste of the coffee brewed in this coffee maker. It does take a long time to brew and you can start getting coffee as soon as it is brewed. You do not have to wait for an entire pot to get done. Ease of Cleaning It is not the easiest pot to clean as there is not a pot. There is a area that hold the water and a area that hold the brewed coffee. Cleaning requires you turning the entire pot to clean. Ease of Use This coffee maker is very easy to use. You put in the filter and the coffee, add the water and turn it on. It goes from there. The nice thing about no pot is the fact that you can get a cup of coffee as soon as it is brewed. You just push the cup into the button to dispense and coffee fills you cup. Design The design works well. The only thing I did not like was how much space the coffee maker takes on the cabinet. It is very tall and very big. Durability The pot has lasted several year at my house. I purchased after I used the same coffee maker at my sons. His is older than mine and is still working.

Bella Vista, AR


good coffee machine


The Hamilton Beach coffee machine is good for coffee or tea, I use it for both, mostly tea. I can put the tea bags in and within minutes its ready for a cup. This is the easiest machine to use, just set and brew. Hamilton Beach has a great line of products and I have used their products for years without any problems or repairs needed. This machine has a nice design, I can leave it on the countertop and it is not an eyesore. This machine is quite compact, not much cleaning required and very easy to use in the morning or when ever you get up. The machine brews coffee and tea quickly and easily able to get the right taste of the brew. For me, I particularly like to use for tea, it brings out the flavor of the tea and then I can put ice in a glass and instantly have iced tea, anytime of the day or night. This machine is very durable, not too bulky or heavy to move around, I really like the design of this machine, fits into any décor.

Old Fort, NC


I have had better Hamilton Beach coffee makers


I purchased this Hamilton Beach coffee maker after our other one died after five years (that we loved) and this one did not live up to the Hamilton Beach name.  The water is hard to pour into the bottom of the coffee maker as it has a small opening to get the water in without it going everywhere.  The spot where the coffee comes out is way too far back or close to the button to push to get the coffee out.  This causes the coffee to go everywhere, but in the mug and all over the counter.  Thank goodness for the coffe catcher (as we call it) because it would really be everywhere if it were not for that.  The other thing is that you can not fit tall mugs or travel mugs into the area!  My husband takes his coffee with him in the car and because he can not get the travel mug under there he takes regular coffee mugs and then it spills all over the car or him!  Please make a better design!  I have contacted Hamilton Beach with no response...

Edgewater, FL


Hamilton Beach BrewStation 12-Cup Coffee Maker

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