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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Big Mouth 14-Cup Food Processor

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Reliable food processor


I have owned this Hamilton Beach food processor for 5 years now, and it has proven to be a durable and useful appliance. It does a good job of chopping food, and I've even used it to puree baby food. It is easy to operate and sleekly designed. My least favorite part of it is cleaning it, though putting the parts in the dishwasher make that significantly easier. It does not overheat, and it does a good job of finely chopping food. The design is sleek, and it is easy to store and assemble. It puts some convenience in food preparation and helps preparation go much more quickly. It has been very reliable for me, and it was a good value for its price. I recommend this product and would buy it again.

Lagrange, OH


It is fine for the occasional chef.


I love to cook. I hate to prep. The machine will slice, dice cup and shred anything you put in it. Power Once you get it running there is no stopping it. Safety Everything has to be assembled correctly for it to work. The blades are super sharp. It's a little scary getting the disc out. Ease of Assembly It takes a lot of patience to slide everything in place just right for the machine to work. Ease of Cleaning Everything comes apart in seconds. Everything is dishwasher safe except for the base. Durability I only used this thing for Thanksgiving and other large feasts. In other words, not often. This thanksgiving it finally gave out father five years. It would pop open as soon as the machine would turn on. Therefore, turning the machine off. Very disappointing!

Port Saint Lucie, FL


Price is right, power is right, size is right, plastic is not.


I've had this food processor for around five years and it has gotten LOTS of use. I absolutely love the way it performs. I've had others in the past, and this is the food processor that made me feel like my kitchen wasn't complete without one. We use it for everything from making salsa to meatballs to hummus to biscuits to shortbread cookies to slicing potatoes and shredding cheese. It performs well for every single task and we've never had a single problem with the motor. BUT, the plastic bowl and lid on top are a whole different story. They have broken in three or four places over time. We now have to line them up JUST SO and hold the top down because it doesn't catch anymore. If it had a better bowl, this appliance would get an A+. But cheap plastic brings that down. Power Succeeds every single time. Ease of Assembly My children can do it, but not until about age 8. Ease of Cleaning There is one spot inside the chute I've never been able to reach to clean. Durability The plastic bowl breaks very easily.



Nice sized processor


I've had this food processor for 4 years but recently had to purchase a replacement. It still works although several pieces have broken off and I have to hold the lid down while processing. I love it's size, it holds onions cut in half and peppers too. It's big and heavy and a little cumbersome. I wouldn't want it on my counter taking up space, but I am a counter minimalist. There are a lot of parts to this machine that have to be in place before the processor will work. Sometimes because the processor is so heavy, I'd rather just hand cut my vegetables. My husband has processed beef and chicken for hamburgers in this processor and it was very easy and performed very well. I haven't had a problem processing anything with this food processor. You have to be careful when making salsa or things that you would like chunky, so use the pulse option. If you are looking for a food processor that holds big items or a lot of cups of anything and you don't mind the heaviness, this is the one for you.

Aurora, CO


I like it.


I do like this food processor, but it takes up a lot of space. It's bulky and tall and I have a hard time finding a place for it in my kitchen. I use it often though and it works really well. I've ground things, pureed things, and chopped ingredients for salsa. It has been better than a blender for some recipes. Very easy to clean...I just place it in the dishwasher and go. The only thing is that it does take up a big part of the bottom rack on my dishwasher. The size is it's downfall, but it does have to be big to hold the capacity of 14 cups that it can. It has a safety feature where it won't turn on unless the bowl and lid are locked in place.

Greensboro, NC


Best Mother's Day gift...ever!


I was out shopping with my daughter, when i spied this on sale. It was right before Mother's Day. well, I have always told my hubby, "Never buy your wife anything for the kitchen." But this was an exception! I had wanted a food processor for years. ever since I saw, experienced and fell in love with a friend's. But hers was a Cuisinart. There was NO way we could afford one of those...ever. So finding this Hamilton Beach was the perfect answer! I love it. I have made so many thing with it, from spilt pea soup, to stews, hashbrowns, cinnamon rolls, pie crust, grated cheese for pizza, salad fixings, and on and on. It tackles so many types of foods and textures with ease. Just this past year, tragedy struck me, and I had to have some of my fingers amputated. This processor was a Godsend. I cannot use knives and chop by hand anymore. So this allows me to still prepare meals. I am so grateful! Cleaning up most of the parts is a breeze. The only drawnback I have is that the cental post is enclosed and cannot be accessed for a good cleaning. So moisture can built up in there. Otherwise, I have no complaints about this wonderful appliance at all. I allows me to feel like I am still a great cook. Safety If the blade gets gummed up, do NOT use your hand to clear it. Ease of Cleaning The center post on the lid assembly cannot be accessed.

Spokane, WA


It purees vegetables


This product is probably good for making homemade baby food however it is not good for making homemade salsa.  The reason being is that it purees vegteables.  I bought this device in hopes that I would not have to slice vegetable anymore.  I guess I'll just have to keep searching for a product that will do what I'm looking for.

Jeddo, MI


I love this food pro!


I love, love, love the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth food processor. I use it almost everyday, from making a quick salsa to pulling together a pie crust to grating cheese or slicing tomatoes for a salad. It's powerful enough to crush ice, big enough to process large amounts for my family of 7, and the cleanup is easy.

Monroe, LA


The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth gives you big bang for your buck!


I love to cook, but I'm single and I hate all of the chopping and preparations that go into making a meal that only I will enjoy.  That's why I'm completely in love with my Hamilton Beach "Big Mouth" Food Processor (Model 70590).  This think is amazing!  It chops and purees with ease, and the overly-large chute means I don't have to partially chop anything - I can drop a whole tomato in it! This has made my life as a singleton so much better, since I've always loved good food, but just couldn't justify spending a lot of time on a one-person meal.  Now I don't have to!  I can make fresh pico de gallo in a matter of seconds, and whipping up tuna salad has never been easier or faster. There are four suction cups on the bottom of the food processor that hold it firmly in place, so it's not dancing the cha-cha across my counter while it's slicing and dicing.  Best of all, it's really easy to take apart and clean.   

Vinemont, AL


Food Processors are needed in a home which does alot of cooking.


The food processor I have is a much loved item in my house.  We depend on it to make our *hash *on the holidays. This summer I let my 13 year old help me with the use of the food processor and she had no problems operating it. Even with the sharp blades, the processor would not operate until all the safety's features were in place.  Once I walked her through the safety's features she was on her own.  We had several pounds of meat that needed to be chopped up.  My daughter had the task done in a few minutes.  Cleaning the processor is easy to.  With all the parts that touch the food being dishwasher safe, making the cleanup that much easier. The only down side of a food processor would be the room it takes up.  It's not an appliance that you would use every day and leave out on the counter.  Therefore, storing the processor could be an issue.  It does take most of the shelf space in a cabinet.  I've found that storing it under the kitchen sink is the best place for it in our home. 

Chapin, SC


Hamilton Beach Big Mouth 14-Cup Food Processor

4.0 20