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Hamilton Beach
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Hamilton Beach Aroma Express 5-Cup Coffee Maker

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Good basic coffee maker


Mother in law gave this to me for Xmas 2 years ago. It's very basic and I can use it with no problem. I am a terrible cook and rather good at messing things up if they have too many buttons as far as kitchen appliances go. This is just a 3 step process and 1 button so I can put start my coffee in less then a minute. Brew Performance I just dump coffee into a filter in the tray and it comes out how I want. I would suggest putting a tad extra water in as I notice some of it (no more then a half "cup") doesn't make it to the pot, obviously due to the grounds and filter. Ease of Cleaning Kind of a pain to put the filter tray back in but that may just be me. Ease of Use 3 step process, you would really have to try to mess it up and why would you want to. Design Only took off 1 star because of the cup lines. The lines mark at 8 oz intervals so I need to fill it to the 3 cup line just to fill my thermos and it would have been better/easier to make the right amount if it had the ounces listed instead. Durability Its lightweight so I make sure to keep it away from the edge of the counter, I think it would break if it fell.



Perfect for 1, Hamilton Beach Aroma Express 5-Cup Coffee Maker.


We are on vacation right now at Daytona beach, and have been in our unit for a few days. The coffee maker we have is the Hamilton Beach Aroma Express 5-Cup Coffee Maker. This is a perfect size when you are on vacation. It makes 2 mugs of coffee, and that is what I need to start the morning. I don't have to put a coffee filter in, or coffee, as the hotel provides 2 packs of coffee, for the machine, each morning. It doesn't take long to brew, and the coffee tastes good. I like the fact that it is only half the size of a regular machine, as I drink all the coffee, in one go. With bigger pots, I switch them off, and then have to microwave the coffee later in the day. This is a perfect machine for a hotel, motel, timeshare, or anyone who lives on their own. Brew Performance Working fine for me. Ease of Cleaning Haven't had to clean it. Ease of Use Very simple. Design Like any other coffee maker. Durability Looks pretty sturdy.

New Port Richey, FL


Piping Hot Brew for Two


When my Mr. Coffee coffeemaker recently bit the dust, I decided to take a look around and see what other brands were available. Mr. Coffee was a decent product, but it did have a problem with leaking water all over the place. After reading many conflicting reviews, I decided upon the Aroma Express. Overall, this coffeemaker makes two delicious mugs of piping hot coffee that brings out the richness of the flavor. There are no bells or whistles, and a few design flaws. Still, I recommend it if you only need a flavorful mug of coffee for one or two and can overlook the design deficiencies. Brew Performance The Aroma Express caught my eye because most reviewers commented on the fact that it is produces a hotter cup of coffee. I've absolutely found this to be true; the Aroma Express makes a tastier cup of coffee than my old Mr. Coffee. In my opinion, that is the only positive point because the coffeemaker itself has a few design flaws. Ease of Cleaning The carafe and lid come apart easily and can both be washed in the dishwasher safely, although I prefer to wash by hand. However, the filter basket is grooved so it's harder to get clean by hand washing. Ease of Use Another issue is that the reservoir doesn't have a window to view the water as it fills up. I have to rely on the "Max Fill" line on the inside of the reservoir, which is hard to see because it's the same color as the interior. Design I dislike the design of the carafe lid and the flimsy feel of the coffeemaker as a whole. The carafe lid needs a lip so that it can be flipped open with the thumb. Without the lip, I need both hands to open-and-fill with water. In addition, the coffeemaker itself is inclined to slide around the countertop. It either needs to be weighted down or have non-slip feet attached to it. Durability The filter basket is designed in such a way that you have to snap a small prong into a hole to remove it. I usually have to turn it on its side in order to get the prong in the hole correctly. Seems like the prong might get snapped off over time, so I try to be really careful with it.

Chicagoland, IL


Hamilton Beach Aroma Express 5-Cup Coffee Maker

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