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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach 91300 2-Speed Blender

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Hamilton Beach 2-Speed Blender


This is a wonderful neccesity I have to have in my kitchen.Love it when I need to whip up something quick,anything from drinks like for example:smoothies,milkshakes,and other fruit juice drinks.Great for other cooking for example:smooth white sauces and hollandaise sauces.Pulsating power has a thumbs up from me.It looks so cute on my counter top sometimes I cannot wait to use it,just to show off to my closest friends while making them a cool refreshing beverage.It has become quite a conversation piece.When you have something like Hamilton Beach in your kitchen,you bet ,it would have to be showed off!One night I was showing it off so much I made ten drinks with it. Blending Power Very good power. Versatility Quick easy care between uses. Ease of Cleaning Everything comes apart for quick sanitizing and back together with ease. Ease of Use 2-Speeds,how much easier could it be. Design Cute on my counter top. Durability Use after use, cleaning after cleaning,nice.



Hamilton Beach 91300 2-Speed Blender

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