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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach 70200 3 Cups Food Processor

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Chops and purees food well


I loved this food processor. It chopped, pureed, and mixed things for smoothies and creamy soups. It chopped nuts and raw veggies. I used it to puree veggies all the time. Power It is very powerful. I use it alot to puree veggies. I hide the purees in sauces and soups and meatloaf so my kids will eat them and not be able to notice. I have also used it to chop nuts for baked goods and it works great. Safety I think it is safe to use. In fact it will not starting chopping or pureeing unless the bowl is in place on the base and is locked into place. You can turn it on but it will not do anything just make a buzzing noise letting you know something is not right. Ease of Assembly So easy to put together. There's even little instructions right on the machine. Ease of Cleaning Super easy. I throw all of the pieces parts in the dish washer on the top rack. Everything comes apart easily and it is very easy to put back together. Durability I had this machine for ten years and it just recently over heated and stopped working. But for ten years it worked very well and I was very happy with it.



Not worth it


I enjoyed using this item while it worked, but it did not last as long as I think it should have. It chopped vegetables very nicely and made exquisitely shredded cabbage for cole slaw. But, the machine just did not work for very long. I do think it lasted even two years. I did not use it every day nor even every week. So, I was surprised at how quickly it broke. Also, there were some very sharp edges inside, so you must be extremely careful when washing the unit. Next time I buy one of these I want one that lasts longer and one that is easier to care for and clean. I will not be purchasing this product again even if low priced. It was not worth it.

Sedalia, MO


Hamilton Beach Food Processor Model 702R is Hardworking.


Our Hamilton Beach Food Processor Model 702R is Hardworking. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking (as the Timex commercial would say). This kitchen appliance is Solid. I like that it has a safety feature where the lid has to slide into the machine for the blade to spin and slice. Thank you. NO ONE will accidentally be cutting themselves on that spinning blade. Also, the pedastal that the container goes on is medal. We had a previous food processor with a plastic piece that the bowl went on, and, of course, the plastic one broke. This Hamilton Beach Food Processor pedastal is Not going to break easily. Negatives, though, are clean up. I do not like to clean up, so that is probably not really fair to say that I don't like cleaning the bowls and blades for the Hamilton Beach Food Processor, because I don't like cleaning bowls and blades for Anything. I am very thankful to have this hardworking food processor and am hopeful that it will not die like my previous food processors did. Hamilton Beach Food Processor Model 702R is Hardworking.

Chattanooga, TN


Hamilton Beach 70200 3 Cups Food Processor

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