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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Classic Hand Mixer

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good for beginners and not addicted bakers


I start my bakery and need something cheap but good for beginning and I found lots of good reviews about this once so decide to purchase. I love it from first time but once I ve clean whisk my mood turn so bad( and the reason was steel wasn't good at all unfortunately and the whisk rusted after the first wash...mixer itself very powerful, no additional smell even after 15 min use, yes kinda heavy to carry in your hand such a long time, cord is short so you can use it just near socket. but its good helper when you are not high class professional and don't need a heavy duty big stand mixer!


Devon, PA


I would buy this product again


I use this product many times a week. Love that its all in one place when I need it because of the convenient bottom storage container that connects to it. Highly recommend


Akron Ohio


Powerful, Durable Mixer


I PURCHASED THIS PRODUCT MYSELF. This is the most powerful hand held mixer that I've ever used! It can handle any cooking project. Just be careful when mixing soupier foods, as it will splash.


Elmira, NY


Really like mine and would buy again


I use it a lot cake dough cookies pies ect


Crooksville Ohio


I would recommend


I use this hand mixer probably once or twice a week on average. I've had it for 6 years and have never had a problem with it! I love that it comes with its own storage container for all the attachments. I don't use the wire whisk attachment often, but I try to use it for beating eggs or something else more flexible than dough since it seems fairly week. I assume that's what the attachments purpose is anyway. For a hand mixer that's relatively cheap, I would definitely recommend this one! It's been used a lot and it's still working just as well as the day I received it as a wedding gift.


Billings, MT


Easy to use


I use this product almost everyday


Glenn Dale

Inexpensive and Works Well


I've had this mixer for quite sometime. It's easy to clean and store. For a while, I stopped pulling it out of the cabinet, but my 12 yr old has become interested in baking and she brought it back to life. She loves using this mixer because its easy for to clean and mix her batters. She doesn't have to worry about asking for my help to get the lumps out of the batter. Such a simple product, doesn't take a lot of space, nor a lot of time to get the job done. She so in love with mixers, she's even asked for an upgrade to one of those "fancy" ones, as she calls them. Anything that she has to mix together she immediately reaches for this. Thanks to her, its no longer in the back of the cabinet. Made its way, back to the front. She reminded me why I bought a mixer in the first place. Now, I'm in love all over again.


Murfreesboro, NC


Love love love


I use my mixer for everything! It is so easy to use my children do it! Perfect for any batter, easy to clean, light weight, and hands down the most reliable hand mixer I've ever owned. Not to mention the price is fantastic!


San Diego, California


Works well only for 1.5 years


I purchased this hand mixer 2 years ago and the product is still with me. I use it to beat egg batter and other dough. Two years ago when it was pretty new, it used to work very fast and smooth without creating any lumps in the liquid. I used to initially use it to make curd as my daughter loved to drink that often and I couldn't get the right thickness in the mixer. I then started using it only as a beater and making batter for cupcakes, doughnuts and sweets and the result was always a pure thin liquid that was perfect to bake in the oven. After about 8 months, the cord had to be replaced and since it was within warranty, I got it done without any hassle and payment. Now I use it less often as I have purchased another hand mixer and this one is just used to make batter for cookies. It does not work as efficiently as it used to work before as it's already 2 years old and with time, this hand mixer also has given way. It works best for only 1-1.5 years after which it needs to get replaced and hence I don't plan buying another mixer in its place.




Great Little Mixer!


I have had this mixer for several years and it still works perfectly. This was the first mixer I owned and used it for everything. I now have the kitchen aid, but if the job is small, I use this mixer. blends evenly.


Palm Springs, Ca

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Classic Hand Mixer

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