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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

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Never buy any Hamilton Beach/Proctor Silex product again


Just a few months after warranty expired, oven completely stopped working My troubleshooting revealed that a electrical contacts of the mechanical timer were burned beyond any possible repair. Instead of repairing, It was more practical and inexpensive to buy another toaster oven and throw this one to the garbage.

Toronto, Canada


Love this toaster


My old toaster broke, so I got this toaster from Hamilton Beach. Although Hamilton Beach products aren't high end especially, I like how the products are a bang for the buck and a bargain for the productivity of the toaster. It's large enough so I can toast a larger personal pizza, and the three dials are very easy to turn and grasp. THe rack comes out very easily and the toaster is very easy to clean. The outside of the toaster do get very heated when it's in use thouogh, so do be careful since I was close to burning some plastic close to the toaster couple times. Overall, the timer function works well and it cooks my food quickly (although I sometimes did overburn my food :( Anyways, this toaster is wonderful, but if only hte outside of a toaster could be developed to be not so hot and then I wouldn't have burnt/melted plastic. Safety Top can get a bit warm.

Riverside, CA


Love it!


I would go out and replace it same day if it were to break, and that says alot coming from the woman that left a non functioning microwave on her counter for 4 months :) Now that there are just the two of us at home I find that I use this little oven almost every day.  Things that I often decided not to bother making because of heating up the big oven and the whole kitchen with it now get made. Everything comes out hot and crispy just like it would from your regular oven but in less time, using far less energy, and with just much less hassle. My son (23) came to stay with us for about a month while he was buying his first home and loved it so much he tried to take it with him, ended up buying a new one for his home so he would not steal mine.  Even though he is not much for cooking he really liked that frozen pot pies and hot pockets and such came out like you had baked them instead of rubbery and mushy like the microwave produces, and in not much more time than the microwave if you use the convection setting. All in all, great product, strongly recommend.  

Phelan, CA


Not a bad one


I bought this to replace my old standard 4 slice toaster and decided on this one since I wanted an oven type toaster as well but do not have a large kitchen. For the price, I expected slightly better quality but it works very well and takes up less space than two separate appliances so I am willing to overlook the somewhat cheap look and feel of this model. I have only used it for a couple of weeks so cannot comment on the durability.The metal parts are loud when switching from the Toast option to the Oven option but it switches easily. A single top toaster side can't be used alone for toasting 1 or 2 pieces as both sides work together (for 4 pieces of toast) but, as I usually make a lot at a time, this is not really an issue.Both the Toast and Oven options work fine. The oven part heats up quickly and cooks evenly whether I am melting cheese on the toast or cooking something such as popcorn chicken. The oven part can easily hold the equivilent of 4 grilled sandwiches on the tray so it is perfect for those small meals/snacks that I don't want to heat up the "big" oven for but that aren't as good out of the microwave.

Los Angeles, CA


Hamiliton Beach oven has almost eliminated my regular oven!


A friend recommended this to me and when I bought it, I had my doubts.  But, after 3 months this is the one product in my house that is the best!  You can bake, fry, roast almost anything.  I have hardly used my regular stove/oven in that time.  Food cooks faster and just as good. Easy for my 2 teens to use, since they are always in a hurry.

Saint Paul, MN


Hamilton Beach 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

3.6 5