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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach 51102 Blender

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Decent for the price


For the price I paid. this device was okay. For mixing liquids it works very well, but if you add ice or frozen juice the blades will not work well, causing you to physically mix the drink. Blending Power Like I said, for liquids this works fairly well, but the moment you add in a solid like ice the blending power goes downhill. Ease of Cleaning I simply pop this into the dishwasher and it cleans it. (note: not the part with the cord) Ease of Use This is easy for liquid mixing. When solids are added in you will need to physically mix the drink and then let the blender continue to make a poor attempt at mixing. Design The design is simple, very basic. Durability I've had this for about two years. It's just now starting to get some use. It's still working.



Good for protein shakes


This worked well for protein and weight loss shakes, but didn't do well with frozen fruits or ice added. It wore out really quickly and had to be replaced in just about 6 months of 4 to 5 times per week use. Ease of Use It was easy to get out and simple to store. Took up very little room. Durability Wore out in 6 months.



Hamilton Beach 51102 Blender

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