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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach 10-Speed Smoothie Blender

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Not worth the money


After only a few uses, I could smell the motor burning when trying to blend a smoothie. I was highly disappointed. I felt like it did not blend well and did not create a true smoothie. I do not like chunks in my smoothie and was disappointed when it did not blend. Blending Power I do not feel like it blended very well. I still had chunks of food or ice left after blending for several minutes. As long as the additions were soft or liquid-y it would blend. Versatility The blender is not very versatile at all. It did not do a very good job of blending the smoothie or holding up very well when used. Ease of Cleaning It was easy to clean with little effort. Ease of Use The blender is pretty self explanatory, but does come with directions. It was easy to look at it and figure out how to use it. Design The design is nothing fancy. I do like that it comes with a cup to divide the smoothie into upon blending. That was a nice additional. Durability This is not durable at all. I used it maybe 10 times before I stopped because I could not stand to smell the motor burning. I also felt like it was not doing it's job so I bought a new one.



Its a okay blender


I gave this Blender to my wife for Mother's Day. She loves to make smoothie the blender only last a month. So she was very disappointed. My wife was making a smoothie and we could smell the motor overheating. Even though we had that problem with the blender, when she first use it was fine.

Baton Rouge, LA


Hamilton Beach 10-Speed Smoothie Blender

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