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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach 1.5-Cup Food Processor

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I love this chopper!


My mom bought me this for Christmas one year. Everyone in my family was loving egg salad sandwiches around that time and* *I was always complaining about how long it took me to make them, considering the time spent to boil, cool, peel and then cut the eggs! Obviously my mother felt my pain! This was the perfect fix! I honestly can't remember using it for anything else besides eggs.. but it works really fast and I'm sure it would be great for other things too. This electric chopper is really easy to use. It's simple to put together and only requires you to push down in order for it to turn on. It's nice for getting the kids involved. [Supervised of course!] But would probably be easy for elderly people as well. I find that it's fairly easy to clean. The only thing you really have to watch is the blade. I would recommend hand washing the blade first, and then running it through the dishwasher if you feel the need. This is a very compact item that doesn't take up too much room in the kitchen cabinets.


Pottstown, PA


Hamilton Beach 1.5-Cup Food Processor

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