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Cough Drops
Halls Sugar Free Mountain Menthol Flavored Cough Drops

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Temporary Relief, Not a Remedy


These help to temporarily relieve a sore throat or cough. I would definitely recommend Halls over other brands for cough drops but I wouldn't say that it really promotes healing. It just reduces soreness or coughing temporary.

Dallas, TX


These taste pretty good for sugar free


Halls cough drops are not my favorite, but I was pretty happy with these, especially considering they are sugar free. They have a decent enough taste, and they do give you some longer lasting relief. They don't do much for congestion, but they did help my sore throat quite a bit.



A must when having cold cough


I always carry them with me. feels so relived once you get it. when you feel congestion or irritation due to cough these are the best to get some relief . It gives you some good relief from the constant cough. throat feels good after you have this. A must have in winter and flu season. It has menthol so it soothes your throat and gives you a temporary relief. Comes in different flavors too, price is good not much expensive. Can be stored in the bad itself as it has self closing zip. easy to carry and store. I like one more thing on every pill wrap there is message is written. I did not notice it in first place but now hooked up to read before I throw the wrapper in trash. These messages are good.

Irving, TX


Halls Sugar Free Mountain Menthol Flavored Cough Drops

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