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Hair Rules
Hair Rules Blow Out Your Kinks

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Blow Out Your Kinks even though you have curly hair


 Let me first start by saying that this product is texture-specific for kinky hair which I do not have. I am a hair type Curly 3-A using naturallycurly's hair type chart. My hair is very long (past my waist) and damaged with split ends. Blow Out Your Kinks is a hair straightener product that does work, but slowly for me - my hair was more straighter after several applications. The first time I used it my curls were still present but more wavy and by the end of the week or week and half my hair stopped quickly separating into tendrils which gave a smoother appearance. I used a blow dryer without the comb attachment and I did not use a flat iron either even though both were recommended. It was good on taming the flyaway wings at the temple area but the curls near the back and sides of my neck seemed to be unfazed by this product. Everyday frizz and humidity frizz seemed to be helped by this product but my split ends still looked bad. Blow Out Your Kinks smells really good like a scented lotion and my hands were not sticky after application. My hair did feel like it had a product on it after using and it felt like each strand of my hair was thicker and stiffer but I really liked how manageable my hair was after using. And I do want to give a warning about this stuff: make absolute sure that you follow the directions and only apply this product to clean, wet, Detangled hair. I made the mistake of applying before detangling and that was a very long and painful combing - it felt like I was trying to comb out dreadlocks! So be very careful especially if you are used to using detanglers and hair serums before combing like I am.


Edwardsville, IL


Hair Rules Blow Out Your Kinks

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