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Haier Toaster

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This actually toasts the entire surface, evenly!


**THE HAIER TST850DS TOASTER, IS BEST TOASTER I CAN REMEMBER HAVING! ** There is SUCH a difference in a GOOD toaster & an average one. I would say most are average, & this one is **awesome**! The bagel setting allows you to toast just one side of the bagel. There is also a defrost & cancel option. It's die cast alluminum & pretty retro looking, so I don't mind it being "visible" in my kitchen. A little chunkier than most toasters. Though the sides stay cool, the top does get very hot, so you have to watch that. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is, it just comes in a 2 slice model & I'd like a 4 slice. Having said that, it toast pretty quick too. I just love it!


Rockwall, TX


Makes awesome toast


The Haier TST850DS Toaster's biggest drawback is its name. I have no idea whose idea it was to name a toaster the TST850DS, but whoever's fault it is, it is definitely not a triumph of marketing. Luckily, the problem with the name of this toaster is its biggest problem since it does the job it was created for pretty well. Many toasters struggle with browning the toast evenly on both sides. I, for one, am really not too excited when one side of my toast is super dark and the other side is super light. The Haier TST has found a way to solve this issue and it does a pretty good job of toasting evenly. It is also pretty good for toasting bagels, pop tarts, etc. However, if you're one of those people who eats a ton of toast or has a big family, I can't recommend this toaster for you, you should probably go with a 4-slice toaster. Well, assuming that they all love toast as much as you must. Bottom Line: Great toaster, produces awesome toast.


Alhambra, CA


Classy look, great little toaster


I've had this toaster for about two years and I still love it and it still works great. I bought it specifically because I liked the look - stainless steel but with a classy twist, a little old-fashioned looking if you ask me (at least compared to some of these modern looking toasters). It looks great sitting on my kitchen counter, doesn't look cheap or out of place. It is easy to use - old fashioned in that it still uses a regular dial to set how browned you want your food, and then has a few buttons to press (e.g. to cancel the heating) but not a lot of fancy high tech settings. The slots are wide enough to toast thick slices of bread. It has a removable tray at the bottom for cleaning the crumbs, so is easy maintenance as well. The only think I don't love about it is its size - it takes up a bit of precious counter space. However, any smaller and I wouldn't get the large bread slots (which are a must) and it looks nice enough that I don't worry about it, but if I had a very small kitchen I would probably need to find somewhere to store it when not in use. All in all, I really do like it and it has never failed to work.


Tucson, AZ


I love this toaster


I love this toaster.  I bought it a few weeks ago and so far it works great.  It also looks great on the countertop--I was waivering between this toaster and one that cost a lot more.  I was able to find this toaster on line and for the price paid I was very happy with the quality.  I am glad that I decided on the Haier Toaster.


Stuart, FL


Haier Toaster

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