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Haier Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

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Very quiet air conditioner


This has been the best air conditioner for the value. We purchased this air conditioner several months ago to put in out pop up camper. It was no trouble to put in and when it is running you can't even tell, because it is so quiet. We were a little skeptical on how well it would keep the camper cool. But it has actually kept it cooler than a larger model that we have in our house. It really is worth every penny we spent on it. I also love the fact that it comes with a remote so we don't have to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to turn it down. I absolutely love the Haier brand it is was well worth the money spent which was very little compared to others. We loved the brand so much that we also bought a mini fridge to match and put it in the camper as well. So far we haven't had any problems out of this unit. And we will continue to be loyal to the Haier brand as long as they keep making them.

Lester, AL


The Haier ESA3125 really came through for me when I needed it.


this 12,000 btu unit is great for the quality,price and effecientcy that it gives.my heat pump went out this june when the temperture was at its peak here in the south it was two am when i awoke sweltering.just happened to be the weekend got in my car drove to walmart and saw this unit great price got it home and installed within thirty minuets.cooled the back half of my house easily within a few minuets trouble free installation love the remote convenience it features timer fan speed low medium high settings temp. control energy star rating i was very excited how well it cooled.i did get my heat pump fixed but will keep this unit for many years.it is very quiet to be a window unit for the price convenience and quality i dont think i could have done any better than i  did so if you are looking for a window unit look know more this one is for real i've used window air conditioners in the past but none as good as this one

Wellford, SC


Haier window ac has been better than i hoped for


This is how we came about buying this Haier window unit...our other ac couldnt keep up with our room size and the fact that the weather was getting up in the 90's.  I always price online for the best deal.  I had never heard of this brand but in its online description it sounded like what we were looking for.  It was very easy to do the window assembly.  It took two of us to install it in the window.  Bad part is it wasnt wide enough to close the gaps on our windows but that was improvised.  Great part it works good enough to cool two of our rooms.  Very easy to use and operate.  Not as quiet as i hoped for but works very well.  We have had it for about a month now without problems.  The price was excellent compared to other brands and worked better than our last ac.  Plus this brand is carried at walmart...so very easy to find.  I have noticed some minor sweating on the around the plastic on the ac but i think its d/t our humidity.  No leaking.  If your on a budget and want an ac unit that is worth the price but not over your limit...i definately recommend buying this brand....Haier.

Whiting, KS


The coolest air I've ever felt!


This air conditioner is great. My family really enjoys it. It keeps the entire family room, dining room, and living room to a cool 69-70 degrees F. I've always bought Haier air conditioners. They are the best, no doubt. I haven't had a single Haier AC go out, or cause any problems. They truely know what they're doing when it comes to keeping families cool and comfortable in the heat of the Summer. I'd like to extend my gratitude to everyone at Haier, and say thank you for creating such a wonderful product. I don't know what I'd do without air conditioning. A lot of people take it for granted these days.

Scottsburg, IN


The Haier ESA cools you off but not for as long as I would like


The Haier air conditioner works very well for the first year it is used, but after that you have to put in freon boosts every year to keep the room cool.  Sometimes it takes two a year.  After about 3 years it just wont work as well no matter what you do.

Wolcottville, IN


Haier Air Conditioner Quiet and Energy Efficient


Haier Air Conditioner is quiet and easy to use. Pick a window and start cooling off fast.  Easy to use digital display, or for the ones that are lazy a remote to change the settings. Cools quickly and the filter pulls out easy to clean.

Columbus, OH


The Haier unit screams like a dying cat & cools nada


I have central H&A, but in these hot Texas summers a little extra cooling in the kitchen is a necessity.  So I bought the Haier window unit from a very reputable store. I won't mention Names (BB) , It was wonderful for about 3 months and then it started screaming and making other unearthyly noises. Returned it with no hassles, ( actually exchanged for a new one- same model)..  Guess what?  It screams louder-- my chihuahuas try to out howl the cursed thing, but can't and there is four of them.  Any way receipt was misplaced and now it is 5 months old and completely dead.  It does not cool or even cause a breeze in the house. The upside is that it is finally silent.

Mckinney, TX


Haier Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

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