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Haier Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

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This Haier air conditioner is good for small spaces


I have this air conditoner, and for the price its ok. I have a small room to cool, about 100sq ft or so, and it works pretty well. On the really hot nights (80 degress +) it does struggle to cool the room quickly, but if you put it an hour before you use the room it will be cool. Mine came with a remote, which is a really nice feature. You dont have to get out of bed to adjust the temp, but having a little light on the remote would really help out. The air direction panels dont make much of a differece on the unit. You would be better off using a fan to direct the air where you want it. The air conditioner is a bit on the loud side, so if sound bothers you it will keep up! It takes me a while to get ajusted to the noise, but its better than roasting and not sleeping at all! Its also more cost conscience than cooling the whole house at night when you dont need to do so. I would say this unit is ok overall.

Redford, MI


Haier HWR12XC8 Window Air Conditioner Cools fine!!


I purchased this air conditioner unit by Haier and it works real good. I test it out and to see if it would cool things off for the summertime and I have to say that it done what it wa suppose to do. I like how it did not take long before it got cold in the room and how the air circulates easy around the room. A couple of my rooms in the house are kind of small but not real small and it gets the job done. I will be purchasing a couple more before summertime so that I am ready to beat the heat and so that every room in the house can stay cool. I really like the size of it and the fit in the window is nice and no extra room for any heat to escape out or in. This unit gives me the comfort to know I will be cool and confortable. I also enjoy how it is energy effiecient and I know that it want take up to much electricity to use them. I know that this will be well worth the money and have a good working air conditioner in the house.

Memphis, TN


The Haier HWR12XC8 is Great


When we moved to where we are now we were told there was a working ac but there wasn't. As summer approached the coolest place for me and the 3 babies was my room, we had a tiny ac but it couldn't keepup with the heat and even with it running our room would easily hit 85. We broke down and went and bought this after my husband got home from work one day, it was on sale. We put it in the window in our room and within the first hour the room was under 80 degrees! It consistently kept the room at about 71 all summer long with the outside temps hitting 100 and the rest of our huge house and first floor still being an oven. The kids and I lived in cool releife for the rest of the summer, and as fall came on this window unit did the job well enough to keep our entire upstairs cool with the settings being set to low. Now that it is winter the ac unit is still in the window and still running at times, as a fan. Since we have no ceiling fan here this works wonders to keep the air cirrculating in here and keep the stuffiness at bay.

Danville, VA


Haier Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

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