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Haier Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

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This machine makes more noise than cool air, but I can hear the


I received a great financial deal on this machine. It was lightweight and easy to install. Looks nice, and is energy efficient. That's where the positives end. This model is not effiecient when it comes to cooling. My older and smaller GE AC did a MUCH better job and it was dying.   The machine is way too noisy and at times sounds like it is swishing water through it's mechanisms, which makes it even louder. At the water times it is worst at cooling. Does not do anything in regards to cooling if it is left on the lower speeds, only cools on high. Does not maintain coolness on low speeds either.   I would defintiely not recommend this model to other consumers, and may still return it myself. Very disappointing!

Clifton Park, NY


I would say that my haier air unit works very well !


i bought a haier air unit three years ago. my heating and air went out one summer and we went to target to look for a good air unit. we found several units with different price ranges. after careful considration we decided to go with the hair air unit. since then we have also purchased a haier freezer, which works just as well as the air unit! we have enjoyed both of our haier products and i would refer these products to anyone who might be seeking any product made by this company! after purchasing the haier air conditioner my heating and air unit was fixed but i still get it out of the garage sometimes and use it in the childrens rooms. i would rate ant haier product as an a-plus item to anyone, but i would have to use each product before rating it or referring it to others. im kinda choosey and prefer to try things out first before rating them. even so i would still rate this brand as a true and legitimate product that works very well!

Knoxville, TN


My Haier puts out a lot of cool for a small air conditioner


I went looking for an air conditioner that I could lift and carry on my own. The Haier is light weight and easy to install. It is meant to cool one room and if you turn it on and shut the door, that room will be down to any temperature you want within an hour. The thermostat only goes down to 61 degrees, but that is cold enough, especially when your having hot flashes. If you open up the door it can help keep two  or three rooms fairly cool.It has expanding side rails so it will fit in most windows. The one thing I am not to crazy about is the remote control. All the functions are controlled by remote except the on and off button. If you lose the remote control you will not be able to change any of the functions.One feature this Haier air conditioner has is a timer. You can set it to turn on or off any time of the day, so if it is cool in the morning you can set it to turn on later in the afternoon before you get off work and come home to a nice cool home. 

Mandan, ND


Haier Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

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