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Haier Super Capacity Encore Top Load Washer

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Good quality machine - I am glad I took the chance


I really hate to spend money on something like a washing machine so when my washer needed replacing I started searching. Everything seemed so expensive. I knew nothing about the brand Hasier, but it appears to be the newer one in electronics. Thus far works great, does what I wanted (cleans clothes) and is fairly quiet and it was cheap compared to other washers. Energy Efficiency This inexpensive machine is quieter than the old one it replaced. I would like it to hold a little more water but it is one of those things built in to conserve water so I'm okay with that. Cleaning Time I have to be honest here, I have never sat down and timed how long it took for my washer to go through a complete cycle. This one doesn't seem to take any longer than any other machine. Performance What I do consider important in a washer is how clean are the clothes and this inexpensive machine does a great job of cleaning. Ease of Use It is a very simple machine to operate and does not offer a lot of bells and switches but that's fine with me. Design I wasn't looking for a fancy machine, it goes in my laundry room. I just wanted a machine that washes the clothes, was inexpensive and this machine is what I was looking for. It looks like a washing machine and it cleans my clothes and it was quite inexpensive. Durability I haven't had this machine long enough to judge it but at the price I paid I could replace it two or three times so I'm happy and would recommend this machine based on performance and price.

Peoria, AZ


I love to wash clothes now!


This ultra capacity washer made by Haier is phenominal. I have always had older loud washers, they worked good but after using this one, I now know I have been missing out! Thanks to my husbands boss we are washing in style. This washer has multiple options for washing from heavy to light, the ability to change water level depending on load size this is great because there is more than just small medium and large. Want to wash a few pairs of undies, there is a setting for that. The digital display is large and easy to see and read and all of the buttons are used by touch rather than a dial! There is an option to turn the sound off or on at two different levels, extra rinse option, spin speed setting it has it all. Large load capacity and wide open bucket with no middle agitator. **This baby purrs! **A great energy star appliance that washs clothes efficiently and I have noticed that the clothes at the end of the wash cycle seem warm which makes me think that it also has a heating element which cuts down on the drying time. Broke on me within a year and could not be fixed, replaced with maytag frontload

Centuria, WI


Haier Super Capacity Encore Top Load Washer

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