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Haier Refrigerator-Freezer


This Haier Refrigerator freezer includes 2 adjustable glide-out fresh food fresh food cabinet shelves, 2 full-width freezer door shelves and adjustable. Full-width freezer interior shelf. Additional features include: adjustable thermostat control, fresh food cabinet interior light, full-width clear crisper with glass cover, gallon door storage, 2 front adjustable leveling legs, and 2rear rollers. 10.3 CF Top Mount Frost-Free Refrigerator - Freezer - White

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Great purchase!!!!


This is the best refrigerator I've ever owned. It's a simple design but sleek looking. It keeps everything cold, cold. You never have to defrost. I've had this model 14 years. Still works good as new!!




Bought this in 1996 and it's still going strong. I'm selling it for an different style and on this site to find out the measurements in order to sell it. Super reliable . Annette.... Not the man but the "woman" of the house who knows better ;)

Toronto Canada

Worth it if you're looking for a basic fridge


I've had this fridge for many years now (about 6), and I've only had to repair it once for leaking after leaving the door open for too long. If you're not looking for a gourmet fridge with an ice maker and a million different drawers, it does the job just fine. And it lasts, we've even had ours through 2 different moves. I would definitely recommend it. Interior Organization Only two drawers and a few compartments on the door as well as basic shelves, nothing fancy.



Runs Great and is Energy saving


We bought our refrigerator in June 2012 and I have been very satisfied with my selection. I chose this one in particular because of the storage space and for the color. It has wide door shelving so a carton of orange juice fits perfectly in the door. It cools extremely well , so I keep it on a lower setting because it will freeze your food on at the midway point of the temperature settings. The ice maker is really great after everyone has been gone all day we come home to a full ice bucket I actually had stored some in my deep freeze we had so much ice I have a large family so this is absolutely wonderful to me. The refrigerator can easily hold a weeks worth of leftovers. This became very useful during the holiday season when there was lots of cooking and lots to store.

Birmingham, AL




Since we bought this fridge, we have had servicemen out a number of times for the same issue. They finally figured out the fan motor had been installed backwards. Noise Level It makes very little noise. Interior Organization It is extremely hard to find what is in the back of the fridge. Where the adjustments are for the temperature, it takes up room and makes it hard to put things on the top shelf. Temperature Control there is one thermostat for the fridge and the freezer. Hard to figure out where it needs to be adjusted. Ease of Cleaning It is fairly easy to clean the glass and plastic shelves. Durability As much as I would like to get a new fridge, in spite of all the issues we have had with this one, it still keeps everything cold, so I will have to wait.

Trenton, TX


Haier Refrigerator-Freezer

3.8 5