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Haier Pint Dehumidifier

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OK, while it worked!!


We bought this Haier Dehumidifier a little less than 3 years ago.  While it work ok for the first 2 summers, we used it in our basement..( We only use it from June- September) We tried to turn it on last night and the dehumidifier would not turn on ... My husband went through all the troubleshooting tips...none worked.  So I called the Haier service department to find a repair center in our area  I was told by the customer service rep that the dehumidifier was not servicable... meaning they would not repair it, but I could take to a service center of my choice and if it was the compressor and the part was avalible they would send the part to the repair center but I was responsible for all labor and other parts.  I know we did not spend alot of money on the dehumidifier, but it should last longer than it did!!!! Effectiveness ok while it worked Safety no issues Ease of Cleaning no issues Durability should have lasted longer than it did! Design fine


Holbrook, NY


Does the job, but now perfectly


I have one of these dehumidifiers in my garage since the garage was built into the ground and the house is built near a body of water.  It is incredible when you see how much water is extracted from the air even when the weather is not humid.  The Haier dehumidifier is incredible.  Running the dehumidifier all the time seems like a waste of time and  money but it is essential, especially since it reduces allergens, mold, and humidity both in our garage and the living area above the garage.  I agree with one of the reviewers that it does become noisy if the air filter is not properly fitted or if the water compartment is not closed correctly.  It does not matter.  The price point for the dehumidifier was just right.  I actually bought one for my parents' basement as well.  You have the option of emptying the water containment compartment yourself or attaching a provided hose for it to drain on its own.


Fairfield, CT


Extracts a lot of water but noisy


The apartment i'm living in right now came with the Harier HDN305 dehumidifier due to the damp coastal air. I run it almost 24/7 except when i'm watching movies because it is quite noisy. I've noticed that in 8-9 hours it is usually full but like I said above I live in a damp coastal area. After couple of days or so it runs a defrost cycle in which it get even louder and blows out frigid air. While it is running normally it puts of mostly warm air and keeps the apartment nice and cozy. I keep all the doors open during the day so that it can dry out all the rooms. Also if I don't run it in the morning my windows are covered in condensation but if i run the dehumidifier for 1-2 hours they dry right up. I haven't noticed a spike in my power bill so i assume that it is quite energy efficient plus it has a energy star sticker on it. Overall I think the Harier HDN305 dehumidifier does a really good job of keeping my apartment dry, warm and cozy. Hope my review helps!


North Bend, OR


Haier Pint Dehumidifier

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