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Haier Pint Dehumidifier

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Junk from Menards, do not buy one. Broke with little use.


We bought a Haier model HD 456E dehumidifier from Menards.  It quit working, first it ran, but did not remove water, then it would not run, only light up.  Read up, there is nothing but bad reviews on this brand.  Do not buy one.  I think highly of Menards, but cannot understand why they would pedal total junk like this in there stores.


Byron Center, MI


Easy to use!


I purchased the Haier HD456E a few months ago.  So far, so good.  The dehumidifier works well and doesn't seem to be any noisier than any other dehumidifier.  My one big complaint is the instruction manual.  The instructions are poorly written with misspellings.  If someone has never used a dehumidifier before, they are not going to find the instructions the least bit useful.  I have always had a dehumidifier and found the operation to be very simple and self explanatory. Over all, the Haier has worked well.  The best feature is the large collection bucket.  This is the largest collection bucket I have seen on a dehumidifier of this size.  It's great not to have to empty it every few hours.  There is also a drain hose connection if you have the ability to drain the water directly I would reccommend the Haier HD456E for any medium sized area.  Mine easily keeps 1200 sq. ft. dry and comfortable.


Orlando, FL


Didn't last a year but company did honor warrenty and relaced it


I had the dehumifier for just under a year and it stopped working. I called and had no problems with getting a replacement. It did cost me 14.99 for shipping and I am stuck with disposing of the one that doesn't work. I hope the replacement is more reliable.


Elwood, IL


Haier Pint Dehumidifier

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