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Haier HC48C1VAR Central Air Conditioner

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Works Very Well Cost Very Little


I have had this model for a while now. It works just perfectly (OK, Almost) I did have one problem with the condenser fan blade coming loose & destroying itself. Haier gave me absolutely no trouble with the warranty claim. I was not sure if the motor bearing were damaged when the blade fell and jammed, so Haier supplied the motor & capacitor on my word. Technical support is also very good. When I installed it, I had a question for my non-standard installation (high velocity system & a few other unusual quirks). Tech support answered the phone on 2 rings, supplied my answers within an hour (he had to research it) and spoke english! (They are in New Jersey, not New Other Country). The cabinet is finished nicely. The design lets debris, such a tree goob, be flushed out. A eally nice thing is the air enters the top and leaves through the side. This means you can clean the condensing coil with a hose from the outside and won't be pushing the gook in deeper.  I'm more than happy with it. PS: It was very inexpensive compared to the other brands the local wholesalers had in stock. Hope This Helps, Paul

Detroit, MI


Haier central air unit MOST efficient, large & cost effective


Replaced central air units but none could keep up with the job. Had several repair men in and all suggested different things. Decided one more high budget unit might do the trick and really needed to trust someone. Prayed we made the right decision. And guess what, we did! It is a very large unit , in size, but is the first unit to keep up with the humidity and hot summer days and nights. What was also a great plus to hear was when an insurance adjustor came out to our home to go over a claim, she stopped and gave us a HIGH compliment on our TOP of the LINE unit. Very special to receive the praise. Would recommand to anyone!

Niles, IL


Haier HC48C1VAR Central Air Conditioner

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