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Haier Countertop Dishwasher

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Great machine


I live in an apartment and do not have room for a full size dishwasher. I absolutely hate doing dishes by hand. Seriously, I would rather go to the dentist than do dishes. You can see how this became a problem. After having a horrible experience with one compact dishwasher, I did not have high expectations for the Haier Countertop Dishwasher. I was pleasantly surprised by its performance! This dishwasher fits perfectly on my counter and below my cabinets. You simply need to make sure you can have it sitting close enough to your sink so you can run the hose into it. You can fit a surprising amount of dishes in here, with a little creativity. I would not recommend this for a large family but it is fine for two people. There are two wash settings on it - normal and heavy. I always run it on heavy just so I know I will not have to run it more than once. I have never had any problems with this dishwasher. It is small enough for apartments and always cleans my dishes just fine. Noise Level It is about average. Durability I have had this dishwasher for almost a year and it still works just as well as it did on day one.




So Excited...at first.


I was so excited when we purchased this dishwasher, I couldn't stand the idea of washing one more baby bottle in the sink! It worked great for the first few months. Slowly but surely it's performance went down. Cycles started taking longer and I found myself repeating cycles to get items completely clean, even after thoroughly rinsing them beforehand. The trap has become clogged and short of poking each and every hole with a toothpick, it never comes completely clean and water does not drain as quickly as it should. I still use it once in awhile when dishes become backed up or if we host a party and I'm just too tired to tackle the dishes myself, but I do not put anything overly soiled in it. It also wasn't that much of a space saver for us as it is too large to be used on the counter and instead I had to put it on a kitchen cart. I wish I would have saved my money and put it towards a full-sized well-known brand portable dishwasher instead, as it would have ended up taking the same amount of floor space and performed better. Noise Level Not too loud, but slightly louder than a traditional built-in dishwasher. Cleaning Time Cycles had to be repeated to get a good clean, taking at least three times longer than washing by hand. Performance Having to essentially wash them before putting them in to be washed is not my idea of what a dishwasher should do.




Cleans well, too tall for under my cabinets.


I really wanted to fit this thing in my kitchen on the counter, but it's just too tall for that. It's also on the small end to be compared to a full size dishwasher. So where does that leave me? I went and bought another dishwasher that did fit, and I no longer use this one. I gave it to my brother. I really miss the way it cleaned the dishes, however, with both the top and bottom circulating jets, but I needed my floor space back. The one I have now only has the bottom jets and doesn't clean nearly as good, as I often find food stuck on top of the dishes and dirty water on the bottom of the cups. If only they made this just a little bit shorter! *Sigh*




Love my dishwasher


i purchased on of these countertop dish washers about 4 months ago. I love it. I don't really know what all to say except that i love it. i got so tired of having to do dishes all the time. One thing i really love is that is uses so little water.....in fact it actually uses less water than i would use doing the dishes each day. sometimes i do have to run it twice because i have too many dishes for one load, but even with that i still use less water. it fits perfect on my countertop right where i used to have my dish drainer. it is a little wider, but all in all not much, so therefore not taking any more space than my dish drainer was taking. i wish i would have found this a long time ago. there are three cycle settings and i have only had to use the short cycle and everything comes out clean as long as you rinse items first. (which u should do with the full size ones as well) definately recommend for someone that does not have the space for a full size. the price was great as well. no complaints here.


East Saint Louis, IL


This Haier Countertop Dishwasher is a blessing


This Haier Countertop Dishwasher is the perfect item for a single person or two member household. This dishwasher will hold up to a complete four-piece setting. The convenience this dishwasher offers makes the financial investment in this product well worth it. The ease of cleaning up after a meal with this unit will probably make you want to spend more time in the kitchen cooking. This unit only requires a minimal amount of automatic dish washing detergent to produce excellent cleaning results. I also like the fact that it is very simple to operate. It does require a bit of counter space but the freedom to leave handwashing the dishes behind is well worth the sacrifice of your countertop! Does great work on pots and pans as well as on dishes.


Chicago, IL


Works great for a couple or yourself


So.I USED to have one of these. I had it when I lived with an ex, when I left him I left this as well, LOL.I loved this little thing. So handy, saves space, washed your dishes and drains straight into the sink. Ours came with the house, which his aunt owned. I think she got it off of eBay. She was worse than I am and that was over seven years ago, LOL. I think this thing is great for a couple of people, or for just one person by themselves. It only holds about six plates, six bowls and five or six cups. Plus the utensil holder which is the normal size.Ours hooked onto the kitchen sink and that's where the water came from. We just hooked it up and unhooked it when we were done. I can't exactly remember where the soap went, it has been a while. But I really have been wanting another one, just because I don't ever have that many dishes to do and it's convenient for the few I do have to do.


Center of the Earth, CA


Great Little Dishwasher for Small Places


Some people are disapointed with this dishwasher but I think it works great.  It doesn't work like a full size 1 does but if you live in a rental like I do, this is perfect. There are just 2 of us, so this is just the right size. I can't put the dinner dishes & the pots & pans in at the same time but it runs so cheaply that running it twice isn't a problem.  You do have to knock off any big stuff or dried on stuff but if you dod as I do & wet every thing as you put it in the sink.


Sheridan, CA


Haier Countertop Dishwasher

4.6 7