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Haier Chest Freezer #HCM050WA

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Haier Chest Freezer


Love this little freezer. Compact energy efficient and this little freezer holds a lot more than you think. We have a 1/2 a pig and a 1/4 of a cow and sometimes deer meat thrown in ours as we buy our meat in bulk so we don't have to pay the outrageous grocery store prices. This little freezer handles it well and our food comes out of it great. Temperature Control Temperature control is great all the food we have in it stays frozen. Capacity Size will fool you as I said earlier we have a 1/4 of a cow and 1/2 of a pig and sometimes deer meat thrown in there and it holds it easily Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean we wipe ours out when we empty it before we put our next round of meat in and no problems just wipes clean Durability Tough we've had ours for 10 years now I believe and our appliances get used well to say the least and this little freezer has stood up. Design Not just drop dead gorgeous but we didn't buy it for that it looks neat and clean sitting in our home and it's nice because it's small and fits in any little corner you can stick it in.


Booneville, AR


Great Buy!


I purchased this freezer in June after my tiny freezer on my refridgerador was constantly full. Now that I have this, I can get all the deals I want to without worrying that I won't have room! I live in an apartment, so couldn't get too big of a freezer, but I think this is the perfect size. It has a top little basket, room underneath the basket, and goes down a good ways! Definitely good for 1-2 people. It has worked flawlessly thus far and does not appear to be adding much to the energy bill. The only complaint I had about this freezer was that it was a bit of an eyesore in that stark white- I wished it had been available in Black and Stainless steel. Other than that, it is a handy dandy thing to have around the house, and I recommend this brand!


Miami, FL


Basic, economicially priced chest freezer for people on a budget


Basic freezer and just right for my family's needs. Temperature Control I have had no problems with the freezer not staying cold enough. Capacity This was just the right size for my family. With some planning and organizing, it could hold a lot of food. Ease of Cleaning The one I have is not a frost free freezer which means frost does build up. The freezer itself is light enough to roll out to my porch where I can pour warm water on the ice to melt it and rinse the freezer out. The plug in the bottom is easy enough to remove to let the freezer drain out quickly. Durability This model does dent pretty easy but I have had it for a few years and have not had any problems with it. Design The metal used to make the freezer could be a bit thicker to prevent it from denting so easily. The gasket around the lid could also be a bit thicker to provide a better seal.


Lula, GA


Absolutely worth the money.


I bought this freezer used, at a garage sale about 2 years ago. I am unsure how old it was when I bought it, but I'd say around 2 or 3 years. Since buying it, I've been able to actually save money by buying meat, frozen meals, etc when they are at great prices, and then freezing them until I need them. It's a great investment, and holds a TON!


Lenexa, KS


Great for a small house or apartment


I bought my Haier chest freezer a little less than a year ago. I think it was one of the best investments that I've made for my kitchen. It is just the right size for my family of three. My refrigerator is small and doesn't have near enough freezer space so buying the Haier chest freezer was the best option for us. It was a lot less expensive than getting a different refrigerator. It really saves us a lot of money each month because we can buy in bulk, re-wrap the food and freeze it for later. I like the basket for storing bags of vegetables and very small items that can get lost easily such as individually wrapped corn dogs, burritos and freeze pops. It is very easy to clean inside and out and it even comes with a small plastic scraper to keep the ice off of the seal area. Another good thing about it is that it is not very heavy so when I want to move it  to clean under it, I don't have to get my husband to do it for me.


Denton, TX


Haier Freezer - We just bought one and it works great.


We just bought a Haier chest type freezer. It works really well and serves our purpose. We wanted something that would fit in the house without taking up a lot of space. I was surprised at just how much it holds.


Plano, TX


Great for a small household.


The Haier chest freezer works well and does just what it is supposed to do. It is rather small, but if you don't have a big family works nicely. My husband and I buy in bulk and then freeze a lot of things. This freezer is great for that purpose. I like the basket that comes with it.


Beavertown, PA


Haier Chest Freezer #HCM050WA

4.0 7