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Haier Air Conditioner

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Our Haier portable A/C is rally COOL!


We have had our Haier portable Air Conditioner for 2 years and we love it! Even though our house has central A/C, our bedroom is always a little warm. It would waste money to set our thermostat lower and cool the whole house - so we just turn the central A/C off, shut our brm door, and let our Haier keep us nice and cool. It's great in spring or fall too when there are just a few unusually hot evenings. It is easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store, and easy to set up each summer. Plus (since our windows face the front of our house) it looks so much nicer than having an ugly window unit sticking out there. You don't even notice the one little vent! We have never HAD to use it in another room, but we like the fact that we COULD move it around easily, say if our central A/C went out. I have recommended this unit to a few clients also who either do not have cental air in their older homes or who want to just cool one room. We got a great buy on ours at Big Lots, but I have checked the price at other stores this summer and it is reasonably priced no matter where you buy it. The controls are easy to use and understand. The timer function is great! Just set it for a few hours and you don't have to get out of bed to turn it off. Ours does have the remote control too, which is a nice feature. The only design change I would make is to have the vent hose be a little more flexible, and a few more positions for the air vent fins.

Davenport, IA


Life saver in our hot attic room


We purchased this Haier in room, portable air conditioner/dehumidifier/fan in the hottest part of the summer this year! We are renting a three-story town-home and the third floor attic area gets beastly hot in the summertime and we were struggling to get any decent cool air flow upstairs. After purchasing this unit, we hooked it up to push the hot air out of the top-floor window through the tube!  We have been pleased with the cooling option of it overall, but were disappointed that it wasn't made better to work in a window that opened side-by-side! We experienced some serious water issues during a horrible thunderstorm due to it not providing adequate sealing capabilities.  I like that it's on wheels to move around the room, as it's a very heavy unit to lift. It has three different fan speeds and we were very happy with the thermostat option that was built in!  We enjoyed the remote control that came with the unit to use when we were across the room as well.  We would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a unit other than just a "window" unit.

North Sioux City, SD


The Haier A/C is great but did last as long as expected.


We purchased this A/C a few years ago and for the price, we were really happy with it.  It didn't cool a very large room but that is expected for such a small unit.  I really liked the portablity of it and it was simple to set up.  It has great settings and overall is a great unit.  My only major complaint with it is that there is no way to lower the tempature on the unit itself, you have to use the remote.  This wasn't a problem until our remote suddenly stopped working.  We ordered a new remote but it isn't working either which means that the problem must be with the unit itself.  Now we can't turn the tempature below the default of 75 degrees which pretty much renders the unit unusable.  Overall we got a few good years out of this unit so I would definately recommend it if you are looking for a portable air condionter for a very small room.  I think that the lack of controls on the unit is a major design flaw, as long as you have your remote it isn't a huge problem.

Lynnwood, WA


This AC saved us when our central AC could not be fixed.


Overall, we have been very pleased with this unit. It cools things down quickly and it has been a lifesaver. Living in Florida and having no AC is awful! We could not afford to have our central air fixed and found this to be a good alternative. The only negative has been the remote. Last summer it worked great and then this summer it stopped working so we started using the backup remote. For some reason, it doesn't always work. That can be bad because the remote is the only way to change the temperature and the fan speed.

Saint Augustine, FL


Haier Air Conditioner

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