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Haier Air Conditioner

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This air conditioner really helps cool our farmhouse.


We have hot water heat in our 100+ year old farmhouse, so there is no ductwork that can be used ro4r central air. My husband was leery of window air conditioners damaging the windows, so for years we went without. I finally could take it no longer, and 2 years ago we bought 2 of these units for our downstairs. The only problem I see with them is that they are not quiet, but I can live with that. Our electric bill has not increased dramatically like we thought it might. Now we are thinking about getting 2 units for our upstairs, just to run at night.

Bremen, IN


Haier Esa3089 Air Conditioner,,, a good value for the price


**Haier Esa3089 Air Conditioner turned out to be ok as far as cooling, and was a good value for the price, but could have been a bit better as far as the features.** **I found it difficult to regulate temp when using the remote, and the air flow was somewhat weak.** **Overall not a bad buy, and I would recommend, however I would suggest spending a little more to get the next model up.**  

Waukesha, WI


Great Air Conditioner for the price


We got this air conditioner this summer for 2 rooms in our upstairs, as our central air was broken and too costly to get it fixed.  This air conditioner did the job to completely cool off four of the bedrooms upstairs.  We simply blocked it off, ran the air conditioners and it was great.  The air conditioners were not too hard to install.  Although a bit noisy, they can be programmed to a certain temperature and when the air reaches that temperature, it stops running.  There is also an energy saver feature that I really liked.  The air conditioner also came with a remote to change the temperature up and down or turn it off without getting up.  This can be very convenient.  The buttons are easy to press, although the sound when pressing the buttons is loud.  There is no sneaking the temperature up and down without someone else knowing.  This air conditioner also qualified for a rebate for my state which made this purchase even better.  

Wilmington, DE


i just love it


In my review of this product I like it a lot. It works good especially if its in 1 room thats small, like the living room in a studio. It will definetly keep that room cool for hours. My husband uses one and he likes it. I like it. When we leave to go out for the day we put it on low. Then when we come back the room feels extremely comfortable and nice and cool. You do pay for it's quality. It has marvelous potential. Although the price is a little pricey, it is worth every penny. I like how it fits inside my window. Also its not that heavy. To me I like when you first turn it on and you can smell the brand new clean air. To me when I turned on the air conditioner I can just smell the brand new clean air filter, It smelled like a brand new cleam humidifier. Another thing when the air blows out its clean, you can smell the clean. Other air conditioners are just not the same. Granted there may be other good brands out there, I like this one.

Yonkers, NY


Haier Air Conditioner will get the job done


We got this Air Conditioner to help us cool our bedroom during a house remodel. We could not use our swamp cooler so we figured this would at least help us sleep. My husband had to install it, he is more handy than I am. I could get the basics done, but the attachment to the window was slightly tricky. I do think the average guy could handle it though. It looks nice and is relatively quite for good sleeping. It is great fro keeping the room around 60 degrees when it is not over 90 degress outside. If it is hotter than that then the unit struggles a little bit. It keeps the room closer to 65 to 67 degrees. We like to sleep in a cold room so 67 degrees is a little bit warm for us. If it has been over 100 degrees for several days the unit will freeze over if you try to go below 65 degrees. If that happens the fan just keeps blowing, but no cooling is going on and you must turn it off for a while and try again. Overall the unit is good quality for the price.

Salmon, ID


Definitely keep you cool without jacking up the electric bill!


I LOVE this air conditioner. It is quiet and keeps the bedroom very cool. I also love the timer feature. You can set it for 30 minutes before you get home and it will begin to cool things down before you get there. I live in a one bedroom apartment and I have 2 air conditioners. The one in the living room is older and inherited. Often I will just turn on the Haier and set a fan in front of the door and this air conditioner will cool down the bedroom and living room in no time. Great air conditioner that won't break the bank.

Rockport, WV


Haier Air Conditioner

4.0 6