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Haier 7 cu. ft. Chest Freezer #HNCM070E

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Great freezer for the price


My wife and I are very pleased with this freezer. It has been working for 2 years now with no signs of stopping. Even when I inadvertently unplugged it for several days, the contents were still mostly frozen, with only a modicum of thawing on a couple of items (frozen jam) near the top. The only thing that confuses me about this freezer is that the green light on the front constantly flickers, and I'm not sure what that means as it is running as well as expected.



Great freezer and a great price!


The Haier freezer is a wonderful freezer at a great price! It was on the smaller size, which was perfect for small spaces. It also has a plug that you can open when you need to defrost it. It came with a wire basket to store things near the top, and also came with a little plastic tool to help with the ice that can build up under the lid. It runs super quiet and doesn't use alot of electricity.

Knoxville, TN


Serious Problem


I bought the freezer because it was on sale and I was going to use it to store Thanksgiving turkeys that I will prepare for charity. I turned the freezer on for the first time on Monday (11/07/2011). By Friday (11/11/2011), it had dumped its freon/lubricant mixture and quit working completely. The retailer would not honor the manufacturer's warranty because the freezer was purchased over 30 days ago and the manufacturer is currently balking at honoring their warranty because I don't have the sales receipt.

London, OH


Decent Small Freezer for the price


We really like this freezer it's small but was perfect for us before we really started to accumulate a lot of meat and freezer items, we originally got it for overflow that didn't fit into our main freezer. We have never had a problem with it and we have had it for 3 years I believe. Things have never gotten frost bit and it has never shorted out. I have nothing negative to say about it except that it is small but we knew that when we purchased it. Now that we are really storing a lot more meat we have received a larger one and use both. But it is really nice that it doesn't take up much space and I really enjoy the shelf thing inside, it makes it easier to pack the food in there. I don't feel like it's too deep that I cannot reach all the way in and get what I need.

Davenport, IA


Haier not worth the savings


I bought the 7 cu. ft. Haier because I wanted a basic freezer without the bells and whistles.  I have had several problems with this freezer and these problems started the moment it was delivered.  First off, it arrived severely dented.  I arranged to return it and a replacement arrived. It was also dented but not as bad.  Since the freezer was going in the garage, I wasn't overly concerned with minor dings and dents.  I plugged the freezer in and all seemed well.  It was noisy, but that wasn't a huge problem in the garage.  The 7 cu. ft. provided plenty of room and I was able to stock up and freeze quite a bit of produce over the summer.  The seals worked well - too well I suppose as the freezer door can be quite hard to open.  The ice build-up is slow, which is good as I don't like manually defrosting.  All was well, until I received my electric bill.  This freezer is NOT energy efficient - to say the least.  Well, I continued to use the freezer until the other day.  It simply quit working.  Repairman said it would cost more to fix than a new one would cost, so my Haier is sitting on the curb.  I will not be buying this brand again.

Denton, TX


Efficient and roomy, but a little noisy


I recently bought this freezer for my laundry room to take advantage of sales and warehouse deals.  It has  a lot of room and a nice tight seal on the door gasket. It does run a little noisy, though. It has a noise like a room fan running most of the time. There is also a hum when the motor cycles on to maintain temperature.  Some reviews I read said it stopped working in less than three years, but I have only had mine a short time.  I did not let that deter me from buying it because my last chest freezer lasted over twenty years and was not top of the line. It has a separate thermostat to control temperature and a convenient drain plug that lets you clean it more easily. (Chest freezers are not frost free and require at least annual manual cleaning).  Overall a good investment.  Not particularly energy efficient.  The energy guide on front of the product shows it in the high range for similar sized appliances.

Horsham, PA


Haier 7 cu. ft. Chest Freezer #HNCM070E

3.5 6