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Haier 5,200 BTU Electronic Control Air Conditioner

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The Haier product I purchased worked well.


I was dismayed to take the air conditioner out of the new packaging to find a big old dent in the side of it. I was quite irked by this because the box was not dented in any way...which leads me to believe it was dented before packaging and was packed and sold even though it was messed up in the factory. :( Other then this dent I am pleased with the unit I purchased, it delivers nice cold air, quietly.


Dexter, ME


For the price paid for the Haier airconditioner it's been great


I purchased the Haier portible air conditioner on sale at Meijers for a great price and due to the fact that we replaced our windows and the company said the warranty would not be honored if we used window air conditioners. We needed a way to cool the house somehow and we have hot water heat so are unable to install central air without replacing or installing duct work. I looked and looked for a reasonable price with the capability for our needs. The Haier provided enough without going broke. If we needed another room cooled it was fairly simple to move room to room. However it does need a window to attach the exhaust. The attachment to the window is versatile enough for different size windows. It came with a remote control if needed but didn't need it. The drawback was that you had to dump the water that accumulates about every two hours depending on the humidity, so if you left it on to cool while at work it would only cool for awhile because it turns off automatically when full. One other drawback is it takes up floor space. With the pros and cons listed I would be happy to purchase another Haier when needed, it cooled our house efficiently.


Grand Rapids, MI


Haier 5,200 BTU Electronic Control Air Conditioner

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