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Cherry pepper spread, Peppers & Chilis, Savoury Spread, Spicy hoagie spread
Haddon House
Haddon House Hoagie Spread

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The perfect spicy addition to my sandwiches!


My husband and I love gourmet sandwiches, and we make our own all the time at home.  I don't mean regular turkey sandwiches either.  I'll buy deli counter roast beef and soak it in beef broth, make my own wasabi mayo, add red onion, lettuce and crumbled blue cheese on top.  I also make my own muffulettas with the best [olive salad][1] in the world.  Those are the kind of sandwiches I make.  In fact, I want to own my own deli one day, but that's another story.  We have a million condiments, spreads and other wonderful and tasty additions for making our sandwiches, but when I was at the commissary recently, I found something I *needed* to have - **Haddon House Hoagie Spread**.  This jar looked spicy and flavorful; like the perfect addition to a gourmet sandwich.  You can see a blend of minced red and green colored peppers and  pepper seeds, and it looks like a relish made out of spicy peppers. The vague ingredient list on the nutrition facts just lists peppers as the first ingredient, but don't specify what kind of peppers.  The front of the label says it's hot cherry peppers, but I don't know if those are the only peppers in there.  This spread is actually a blend of "peppers", vinegar, salt, water and preservatives.  It is nice and spicy, with a vinegary kick.  Just unscrewing the lid makes my mouth pucker and water from the vinegar.  It has to have jalapenos or other hot peppers like that, because it's pretty spicy.  It was *amazing *on my sandwich I made with turkey, hard salami, [horseradish mustard][2] , mayo, pepper jack cheese, lettuce and red onion.  I think it would also be great on a hot dog or bratwurst! If you like spicy, and enjoy preparing and eating great sandwiches, **Haddon House Hoagie Spread **should definitely be a part of your repertoire. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Boscoli-Family-Italian-Olive-Salad-review-669411 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Frenchs-Horseradish-Mustard-review-22a0


Camp Lejeune, NC


Haddon House Hoagie Spread

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