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HAAN Set of 4 Ultra Microfiber Pads for Steam Mop

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Sturdy, Absorbent Pad for steam mop


The pads clean very well and the velcro sticks good to the Haan Steam mop. They leave the floor virtually dry after mopping. I can do a few rooms without having to change the pad. By following the manufacturer cleaning instructions and washing them in my front load washer, using cold water and delicate cycle and hanging to dry they have lasted for years. In order to get them very clean and stains removed, I soak them in a bucket of warm soapy water with scoop of oxy clean.




Extra pads make cleaning better and faster


As soon as I got my steam mop, which came with two pads, I decided I needed more.  Once you see the dirt that comes off your floor, you wouldn't dream of using the same pad on your kitchen counters.  I used a permanent marker to write on them what I use each one for.   The four pack of Haan multilayer Ultra-Microfiber Cleaning Pads was most the most economical way to buy them and was the perfect amount of pads.  Depending on the size of your home, you wll most likely need a couple just for your floors.  The only down side is that they are generally soaked through and need to be swapped when the steamer runs dry.  The good news is that they last a long time. They absorb tons of dirt, and moisture.  I love the no touch velco attachment, especially when removing the pads after they're hot and  dirty.  After each use, simply throw them in the washer on gentle, then air dry them.  Be sure not to put them in the dryer, they say it damages the cloth and they will wear out faster.  Also be careful what you wash them with, as they velco will grab the lint off other items. 


Richmond, VA


Haan refill pads will save you money.


I ordered a set of extra Haan Steam Mop pads when I got my Haan Steam Mop a few months ago.  They have been a very good investment. They are washable so no more buying disposable pads.  Simply toss them in the washing machine and then let them air dry.  They attach to the Haan Steam Mop with velcro and are textured to pick up sticky messes from the floor. I recommend getting at least 4 extra pads.  I use one for just my kitchen, a diffeent one for my bathroom (I just don't feel right clenaing the bathroom and then using the same pad on the hallway tile), and a third will take care of my living room and hallway.  They are absorbant and do trap dirt. I have washed mine at least a dozen times and they come out of the washing machine almost like new.  This is a great addition to the steam mop.


Nacogdoches, TX


HAAN Set of 4 Ultra Microfiber Pads for Steam Mop

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