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HTC Wizard Smartphone

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Ancient, but decent for its time


Dunno why anyone would read a review for this relic... but it WAS a very good phone. Why? solid keyboard... Decent preformance. Good bright screen thats somewhat readble in bright light... Oh yes. Bluetooth, wifi. Its got that. Though its GSM Edge beyond that, no 3G here. Does have pretty good singal quality tho, and with some fiddling using custom roms can work at full 300kbps edge rather than the older 150kbps edge... Making it actually capible of running 360p youtube videos with a player. I had WM5 on mine thanks to a custom rom. I forget what it came with. Honeslty, customise this buggers rom if ya get it. The stock one is ANCIENT. Plus some nice tools to properly control the bluetooth are added to most of them... Its also known as the HTC Wizard btw. Good phone... Old. But good. My only real critisim is its CPU is a little anemic for its age... I owned a dell x30h pda before it that was almost twice as fast... and it was older.

Trinidad, CA


Cingular Wireless 8125 Smartphone - Great for working remotely


I used this phone for a remote job.  Of course, it had phone capabilities, but it also doubled as a modem!  That was very convenient at times.  It also had a camera and a touch screen to name just a couple other features it has.  I don't know all its features as I didn't use if often and didn't have a users' manual. One of the keys on the keyboard didn't work as smoothly as the rest.  If I remember correctly, the problem key needed to be pressed a bit more intentionally to work.  I'm not sure if it was an issue with just my phone or if it was a general product defect. The compact stylus was smooth and convenient.  It had a nice feel when it expanded from and collapsed into its little built-in holder. There were several fields in which contact information could be stored.  It was nice to have the option, even if I didn't fill out all the fields for each contact. I didn't have to carry this phone with me, but if I did, it would have probably been quite bulky. 

Little Rock, AR


not a bad phone


The cingular wireless i825 smart-phone is just taht, a smart phone. it offers all the amenities of a handheld laptop, and is a phone all in one, which will allow for phone calls and text messaging. it has a variety of features, limited to but including: gps, internet, music player, itunes/ napster, etc. along w/ all features of a normal cell phone. A few drawbacks of the phone is, being the most major drawback to me, that it is not a touch screen phone. it has an external keypad, yet the numbers and letters are fairly small. the color quality and pixels in teh screen are fair, but can be of much higher quality, and falls way behind other phones, (iphone, or any other touchscreen.) A few perks, the external keypad which is nice, sound quality is fair, plenty of storage space, and ability to download a large number of applications. the phone is not new, so many of the kinks have been de-bugged, yet it is not the greatest phone, but good.

Lansing, MI


8125 smartphone -not that smart! Frustrating to use.


Cingular 8125 Smart phone.  Frustrating to use.  Too slipery to hold.  When pushing the button to take a picture the phone slides open.  Can't see screen in outdoor lighting-so unable to take photo's, and use keypad.  Buttons get turned on by themselves.  Not quite so smart!

Kenosha, WI


If you aren't afraid to go bulky, this is the best cell buy.


The Cingular 8125 is a some what bulky phone, just over the size of a credit card, but about 3/4" thick.  The phone is very easy to use, and not unlike a computer for those of you not sure if you can use it or not.  As a smartphone, it not only functions as a phone, but is also my calendar and planner; my mp3 player; my solitaire junky fix; but also my external storage drive.  It comes with Microsoft Mobile Windows, which hosts a lot of features, not all of which I have had the opportunity to use.  The stylus is small, but not unlike all other phones, so don't judge the phone by it's stylus!  The only other drawback I have found is that the headphone jack is not a standard size, so you have to keep and use the headphones/hands free set that comes with it.  For those of you that like to accessorize your phone, you have one option, the FlexiSkin at  I don't have this cover, but it looks great.  Only known downside, is that you can't use the slide out keyboard when the phone is covered.

CCollinsville, IL


HTC Wizard Smartphone

3.4 5