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HTC Shadow
HTC Shadow for T-Mobile

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HTC Shadow was a good smartphone


I had this phone for about a month until it got stolen, but I enjoyed it a lot. It was my first smartphone and being able to surf the web (albeit slowly) from almost anywhere was great. Also had a decent camera and it was really easy to navigate around the phone.

Auburn, WA


A great first smartphone


I recently upgraded to the HTC Shadow for T-Mobile.  While there are newer, fancier smartphones available, I chose the HTC Shadow because I found many of the newer smartphones to be a bit overwhelming.  This phone slides open to reveal the number keys and a QWERTY based keyboard - most buttons are 2 letters to a key.  It was easy to update my contacts by downloading them from the T-Mobile Mobile LIfe backup feature on the T-Mobile website.  The HTC Shadow can be charged by either plugging it into the wall charger or into the USB port of a computer which is very convenient as I tend to lose wall chargers that I don't keep at home.  The HTC Shadow also features a 2.0 mega pixel camera as well as a video camera.  The HTC Shadow runs on Windows, utilizes Internet Explorer for web browsing, and is enabled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  There are still other features I have not explored yet, but I look forward to exploring all that this phone has to offer.

Vallejo, CA


The Shadow is where technology and simplicity meet


The Shadow is a great PDA/Phone running Windows 6.0, a full compliment of software, and features.  It browses the web using Internet Explorer and plays your music and videos with Windows Media Player.  A great buy, simple to use.  Does have a lack of games and accessories.  And a touch screen would be great along with a camera that zoomed.

Memphis, TN


HTC Shadow for T-Mobile

4.0 3