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HTC Ozone Smartphone

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Looks good, many features - that don't work, beware


Where to begin - I went from a Moto Q to the HTC Ozone because I wanted to stay with Windows platform and the Ozone sure LOOKED like my trusty Q. In fact, in reading the features list it would seem to be a far better phone. The trouble is it does not work. I can say this after having now tried to make it work for well over a year. If I'd known I could, I would have sent the thing right back but instead I kept struggling to make things work. BASIC things. For instance - My Contacts: half the time they are there, the other half - not a one. I have no idea where they go. Web browsing: I have never, not once, been able to browse without having to do a hard reboot three or four minutes into the session. in fact, it shoud be named the Hard Reboot because that's about all it does reliably.. Well, even that - i get hung trying to reboot most of the time. Apps: not many out there for Windows 6, but take Verizon Navigator... this phone is hard-wired somehow to run audio through a headset. Which, really blows since there is no headset jack. So, I can only hear Navigator when I am holding the phone to my ear. Then, I cannot get to wherever and back using the GPS because the batery life is less than 4 hours if using anything. Same goes with music - while there exists lots of cool features and audio capabilities, they only work through headphones, for which there is NO jack. Yes, you can buy an adapter, or bluetooth... but the adapters I have purchased (all I can find) just fall apart so matter how good the headset, they only work if they are Bluetooth. BUT the ozone defaults to standard headset... OK, so I have tried to give you just a few of my dissapoints with this phone, and I'm not picky. Not enough space or room here to even really get the list started, so just don't buy this phone. Or get it for free with contract... say NO to the HTC Ozone.

Lowell, MA


Good Phone ; But Make Surre You Close Programs Often!


So I got the** HTC Ozone** about a year ago when it first came out.  I have to say its really durable Its been dropped so many times and it still works 100%. I like most of it. hte camera does pannoramic pics which is really cool but the phone was hard to figure out.  Also you have to turn it off and leave it off for a few minutes quite often so that your messages and e-mails don't take forever to load.  Also Something that it dosen't tell you anywhere you have to have at least 30 mb memory usage to recive texts.  So If your having a problem with your texts check your memory usuage make sure you have at least 30 i try to keep about 40 because it makes the phone faster. I would like better apps too..or maybe I just don't know where to get good ones at.  All in all tho I do love this phone other then it being slow often.

Elyria, OH


Great smart phone!!!!


I am a power user of my phone. This phone does a lot but Windows Mobile Apps are limited. The phone works well unlike the Moto Q I was using. The original software was not great but a new browser(Opera) and a little google apps and I now how a travel tool, a phone, a calander, email device, texting and GPS. It is orth every dime I paid for it. I love the keyboard. Smart phones need more than a touchscreen.

Spring City, TN


The user manual is not useful enough


I have had my HTC Ozone Global Smartphone since October and I am still in the "playing with it mode." I love the qwerty keypad; I hated using the numeric method when textring. The camera on this is just "ok" but what do you expect for a phone. It does take videos. It does not support my favorite internet radio station Pandora. The user manual is not indepth enough; it does not tell you how to delete browser history and I happend to find that last night my mistake. The games included are limited to bubble burst and solitaire. It is very easy to download ringtones, and for those that are more savy it comes with a MP3 trimmer to make your own ringtones from sound bytes that you have.I love having my email at my fingertips but have yet to figure out how to sign out of my email so every 2 hourse the thing starts tweeting at me alerting me I have new email. It did install a new thing on my yahoo email in my folders which I have to manually delete already deleted emails when I am on my yahoo email on my computer which can be a bit of a pain in the butt. I wish they had made the manuals more user friendly and more indepth.

Concord, NC


Nice, but give me the protective case w/ it.


HTC OZONE on verizon network. I upgraded to a smart phone 2 months ago. I have had the joy of using this phone for two months now.  No majoy problems to date but I am always worried I will scratch the screen or scratch the camera lens on opposite side of phone.  It is light in weight, but diffult to cary.  I enjoy the easy navigating of the phone features. Can hold up to 16GBmicro sd card. The phone didnt come with a protective case or a protectiVe screen or camera cover, these are costly add ones and are needed for phone to withhold reqular carrying.  The phone doesn't fit into back pocket nicely when sitting/driving car/motorcycle. I am nervous the screen will crack overtime. The charger is great, plugs directly into wall,PC's, and adapters for out of country traveling.  Easy data exchange. You can download additional stuff from surfing the web, such as GPS, email attachments,etc. Not all website are designed for smart phone friendly users.  Very minimal websites I cannot access at all.   I can play over 1 hour of continuous music without setting the phone on a charger. Easy navigation through screens. I recommend trying to get on the 'family plan', high monthly bill.  I recommend buying the protective case/screen/micro disk to put your mind at ease. The internal hardrive doesnt hold a lot of data.  The buttons are small, ideal for individuals with smaller hands compared to people with larger hands. My callers can hear me precise and cleary.  I can hear my callers well, but would hear better if I used the bluetooth option. This phone is not designed for individuals of champagne taste with beer pockets. Many of the additional attachments for full pc use requires purchasing many costly add ons. Be prepared to spend additional money when purchasing the phone. The protective screen and case is absolutely necessary. This phone is more delicate than others.  It is pretty easy to figure phone out, directly from purchase.  I would recommend this phone to others. This smartphone is great for first time users because it is very user friendly. This phone is ideal for  business savvy individuals because it always access to your emails without signing through website, you can view attachements, edit documents/worksheets and has a great daily planner and advanced calculator. This is good for  travelers because this phone has a built in camcord,camera,music player, and you can obtain access to GPS while on the road.   I find this phone easy for people that do not like a lot of electronic clutter because it is an all in one device.  The volume control is great.  Music comes across speaker loudly when applicable.  I have not had any major issues. Occassionally my phone has frozen through accessing various websites, but I do not feel this is out of the ordinary.  I recommend reading other reviews on this phone as well.  

East Stroudsburg, PA


Another Kind-of Disappointing Windows Mobile Device


**Bottom-Line:** All-n-all I am only somewhat satisfied with the performance of the ***HTC Ozone XV6175*** and I must admit that the device has a learning curve.  Like most people who work in the computer field I now carry a BlackBerry Smartphone; the touchscreen *Storm* to be exact.   But running a full on BlackBerry environment in these recessionary times is getting costly and we are an (almost) all Microsoft shop, running *Microsoft Exchange Server 2007*, so we decided to cut costs and try out Windows Mobile Device phones on a trial basis.  For the trial we decided to go with the ***HTC Ozone XV6175 Smartphone***; it was free from *Verizon* *Wireless*, so we picked up six.  **The Product ** The ***HTC Ozone XV6175*** is one of two new smart-phones manufactured by HTC and offered by *Verizon Wireless* in the *Chicago* market.  The 3.7 oz.  ***HTC Ozone XV6175*** runs *Windows Mobile 6.1 *or *Windows Mobile 6.5* software.  The ***HTC Ozone XV6175*** is a tri-band (CDMA2000 800MHz/1900MHz & GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900) device that offers anytime/anywhere access to corporate (or personal) e-mail, contacts, calendar information, a Web browser, and a full QWERTY keyboard, running on an Intel MSM7625 528MHz processor, with 256MB ROM / 192MB RAM. In addition to the above mentioned feature set, the unit is fitted with a QWERTY keyboard; 2.4-inch 320x240 QVGA color LCD screen; Bluetooth wireless technology and polyphonic ring-tones, all bundled in a small, sleek, lightweight, and stylish handset.  Other features of the unit include contacts, calendar, a to-do list, a memo pad, an alarm clock, and a calculator; pretty standard fair for today's technology rich smart-phones, all of which can be synced with *Microsoft Outlook* 2xxx via the bundled *Microsoft ActiveSync* software.    **Device Use** One of the reasons I chose the ***HTC Ozone XV6175*** was its ability to interact corporate email systems, most notably *Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010*.  Before connecting to the Exchange server the smart-phone first needed to be activated on the *Verizon* network.  Once data and voice connectivity was established the **Treo 700W** was ready to start receiving corporate email.  Configuring the ***HTC Ozone XV6175*** to receive email from an Exchange server (ActiveSync) is not as simple as *HTC, Microsoft, and Verizon* would have you believe.  There are a lot of bells and whistles in the background that have to be tweaked just right.  For example your Exchange server has to have an Outlook Web Access (OWA) presence on the Internet before ActiveSync will work, and even then there is no guarantee of success.  As it is I was on the phone with *Microsoft* support for four days straight before we got the units to sync on a consistent basis; NOT FUN.  In contrast, getting our suite of BlackBerry devices up and running was a breeze!  Microsoft doe offer a more robust device offering in the guise of *System Center Mobile Device Manager*; we are evaluating the product.    There is ActiveSync for the desktop which will also synchronize you Outlook calendar, contact, inbox, To-Do list and folders with the ***HTC Ozone XV6175***, via your desktop computer.  The strength of ActiveSync is its ability to speck directly to Outlook.  But the latest version of the software is rather buggy, so beware; I had to reboot the device several time during the initial setup of the software.     Battery life for the ***HTC Ozone XV6175*** is acceptable; so far I have had no problems, but other users report that the batter only last half a day with normal use.  The initial charge took about three hours, and I can usually only go a day without recharging the unit. **Software     ** Because the ***HTC Ozone XV6175*** uses Windows Mobile 6.1, Pocket versions of *Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Media Player, Internet Explorer and Terminal Services Client* are available on the device. In addition Calculator, Pocket MSN, and assorted games are available.     **My Viewpoint** All-n-all I am only somewhat satisfied with the performance of the ***HTC Ozone XV6175*** and I must admit that the device has a learning curve.  Trying to get ActiveSync to work was nerve-racking, time-consuming, and frankly hugely disappointing!  And the rather lackluster phone does not endear me to this phone either.  Now that ActiveSync is working one the unit-all of the units for that matter-my Outlook mail, calendar, contacts, and Task list all synced as designed.

Aurora, IL


HTC Ozone Smartphone

3.3 6