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HTC - Highlight Ice Cell Phone

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Cost effective and comparable to a smart phone.


I was looking for a phone with all the gadits but at an affordable price. This phone in comparison with the smart phones that they offered had all the little extra that I was looking for: touch screen, IM, email,navigation, easy web, sd memory card, music download, everything. But it was under half the price as the smart phones or droids.

Indianapolis, IN


highlight phone is amazing


My old phone was stolen and at the time I was so upset, now I couldn't be happier. The T-Mobile Highlight phone was the best phone I could have chosen.  Although it is not as advanced as the G1 or the G2 mytouch, it works extremely well. I am able to text without a problem.The touch screen keyboard makes it such a breeze to type anything. Long trips I am able to listen to music that I can upload from my computer. I only charge my cell phone at night and the battery is so long lasting I wont have to charge my battery for another 2 days. There are so many interesting things on this phone and it wasnt even pricy. It has the weather wherever you are, calander, directions, datebook, and notes. Instead of calling T-mobile, only one touch can bring up your account, from the minutes you have used to the minutes you have left, to your flex account balance, and you can even pay your bill right on your phone. The camera has great quality and you can even fix the photos. Overall its got so many great things all in 1 phone. You should definitly check it out

Shirley, NY


I love the TMobile Highlight Ice and will not be using any other


I can do anything I need right from my phone whether it be find directions, check my e-mail, send text or picture messages easily, I can keep my to do notes and memos right there so they can be accessed easily at any time, I can access any website no matter where I am, I can enter in all the birthdays and anniversaries to all my friends and family and set it up to remind me a few days ahead of time so I never forget about important events, or simply talk to friends and family. I absolutly love that this phone is very sleek and stylish with touchscreen capability and a full keyboard for easy e-mailing and texting. I can also download ringtones and wallpapers easily and this phone has large storage capabilities so it holds a lot of information and pictures. This phone has a three megapixel camera so it takes good quality pictures and I can edit and crop the photos right from the phone which is very nice. It has a large phone book so I can store as many contacts as I choose. It also has easy access widgets right on the main screen for easy access to the things I use the most.

Land O Lakes, FL


HTC - Highlight Ice Cell Phone

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