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P512, P510E
HTC Flyer 7" Android Tablet

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Very convenient and helpful tablet


A tablet is perfect for if you don't have a smartphone, and this one is very efficient for a good price. I am able to check my email when I am away from my laptop, so I can get important messages no matter where I am. I also love playing games and watching videos on it!



HTC android Tablet is really great


I bought 4 of these tablets for my children for Christmas. The overall durablity of them is great for kids. They received the 7 inch tablet and can easily navigate the system. Download apps easily and was easy to connect to wi-fi. Battery Life Battery life lasts up to 5-6 hours, takes 5 hours for a full charge. Doesnt seem o use more battery if you are downloading though, Processing Speed Applications can be easily download fro an app store. we have ran into a few that are not working with their tablets. Weight Is light weight and easy to handle App Availability Apps are easily available. Design Kids wish they had more camera options. But they can use a regular camera or laptops for that use. Durability Seems to be durable for children so far. Need a case for it though. Screen protectors are a must.

Rincon, GA


Great little tablet


I love this little tablet! The size is great - I can just throw it in my purse and have books, music, videos, email and the web with me anywhere. The home page setup is really nice - you can customize it a lot to have the stuff you use the most easily accessible. The wifi has been good too - picks up signals well and keeps a good connection. I also really like the available pen for taking notes for work meetings and my to do list. Support & Service I haven't needed support or service yet

Tucson, AZ


HTC Flyer 7" Android Tablet

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