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HTC Desire X Smartphone

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Cannot Hate It Enought


This is the worst phone, by far, I have ever had. My dad bought these phones for us because they were on a promo sale at Cricket. Biggest mistake every. Screen would glitch. Internet never worked. Screen would nit light up while in the middle of a call whether up to your face or not. Would turn off my itself. Battery like is horrible. Constantly have to be on the charger. Camera quality is horrible. The camera would also freeze and then bring you back to main screen. Needless to say, we had this phone for about 6 months then bought new phone and switched to completely different service provider. Battery Life HORRIBLE. I could never make it through a whole day without having to charge my battery at least twice. MY father's was even worse. It would constantly have to be on the charger. If you took one call throughout the day, the battery would be shot until you charged it again. Display/Screen Quality The display and screen quality was okay. Legible and clear. Was frustrating how small the screen is and the tiny keyboard button. Always pressing the wrong letters would make it take forever just to send one text message. Call Quality The Cricket service was really bad to begin with. But after one call, you would not be able to do anything else with your phone. When getting a phone call, the call would either get disconnected/ dropped or you would not be able to hear the other person because the volume would not go high enough. Ease of Use Definitely an easy phone to use. Pretty much idiot proof. The only weird features on the phone were what the files were named. For example, instead of "contacts" you have "people": Durability If this phone is dropped without a case, the screen will crack or the phone will shatter. Due to the size of the phone (small) it is not as durable as most phones on the market today. Design WAY TOO SMALL! Because the display is so small, it is hard to type and choose different apps that you need to access. Would not recommend this phone for someone who has bad eyesight or big fingers.



Perfect for me


Honestly, I think it's perfect, at least for me. You can download your favourite apps and stay in touch with friends, family, news, music, video, pictures... anything a great smartphone nowadays is supposed to do. Battery Life The battery lasts a long time and even when it's dying it won't let you down. There's a variety of options to increase battery life, including the in-built battery saver, as well as a handful of useful apps. Display/Screen Quality The images are somehow clearer and the pages fit better into the screen, compared to my previous smartphone. I always keep my brightness to the absolute minimum as it works best for me. Call Quality I've never experienced any problems with calls, no matter if they're incoming or outgoing. Ease of Use Generally, it's pretty easy to use. The menu is quick to navigate and with five home screens, there's plenty of room to put your most used apps for quick access. If you're switching from an older HTC smartphone or another brand, some things might take time to get used to, but that's always expected when you're switching to something different. Durability It's very stable and I know I can count on it. I've been using it for almost a year and the performance is as good as always. Design It's slim and stylish and very light, perfect fit in your purse or pocket. The back cover is matte so it doesn't slide down fabrics - you can rest it on your leg and it won't slide.



It's a complete power pack!


Overall, This product is awesome. It has a nice battery backup, powerful dual-core processor, decent GPU, microSD card capability, Wi-Fi capabilities, other essential features which you can think of. It also has another version with dual sim CDMA+GSM. You can buy that too and believe me, it's a complete entertainment house. Battery Life It would stand upto 1 day of average usage and about 6 hours of hardcore internet and messaging. Display/Screen Quality Side viewing angles are good. While in bright sunlight/Outdoor, the screen reflects. But that doesn't cause much problem. Call Quality No call problems. Absolutely fantastic voice! Even with all that rush around you, you can easily switch to ear plugs and hear the voice in BEATS Audio. Ease of Use Easy to fit in your hands! Get a silicon cover to protect it from minor harm. Every application is present just a tap away. Durability Have been dropped many times by my hand but the maximum damage was done to back cover. Nothing else was damaged! Design This is the basic reason I purchased this phone for. It has an absolutely stunning design and a premium feel to it which every HTC product has on it.



HTC Desire X Smartphone

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