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HTC Desire SV Smartphone

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The greatest mid level phone.


I had no idea when I bought this phone just how much I would love it. I had no previous experience with HTC but I did read a ton of reviews, the large majority of them positive. There is really nothing about this phone for me to complain about. The camera is 5 megapixel but the quality is amazing. The screen, at 4.3 inches is perfect; large enough to clearly read it and small enough to comfortably hold it in your hand. It comes with gorilla glass which in itself is amazing. I have had this phone for ten months now and the only scratches on my screen is a little circle where my diamond earrings scratch it when I am talking on the phone. The battery lasts fairly decent, it lasts much longer than the samsung galaxy that I had prior to this one. There is of course the standard amount of bloat that comes pre-installed, but it can be disabled. The external speakers are not the loudest but when using headphones beats audio kicks in and the sound is fantastic. The stock htc browser is much better than google chrome and you can sync your bookmarks across all of your devices. I have nothing bad to say about this phone. The onboard storage is 4 gb, but you can expand it up to 32 gb with an sd card. The snapdragon processor is pretty speedy, I have had no issues trying to play games.It has sense 5 with android jelly bean 4.2.2, my favorite is that it comes with blinkfeed which was the reason I really wanted the phone in the first place. No lag or anything. It is really a great phone and for sure worth the money. My hubby liked my phone so much more than the one he had that he went and bought one for himself as well. Battery Life The battery life with this phone is impressive. It comes with an optional power saver that I keep continuously on. It also has a task manager so that you can shut down apps that are running in the background, like facebook, that drain the battery. Display/Screen Quality The screen quality is flawless. The touchscreen is super responsive and the gorilla glass works amazingly well. Diamonds seem to be the only thing that I have found to scratch it. Call Quality Call quality is really good. Ease of Use I am a complete android phone nerd so I really like to explore every inch of my phones, get to know all of the settings and everything that it can do. My husband is the total opposite. He gets the phone and changes no settings, does absolutely nothing, just uses it basically like it came out of the box. That being said, he had no problem using and setting up this phone and if he can do it, anyone can. Durability I am so hard on phones. I drop them, get them wet and basically abuse them. This phone has survived me like no other phone I have ever owned. My hubby works construction and is hard on phones too. His last phone before this one was ruined by being dropped and getting scratched up. This phone survives him too.



HTC Desire SV Smartphone

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